Ethics & Discipline Committee

The Ethics and Discipline Committee is appointed by the Utah Supreme Court and governed by Rule 14-503.  The Committee is made up of eight public members and 27 members of the bar.  They are divided into four screening panels that review, investigate and hear all informal complaints charging unethical and/or unprofessional conduct against attorneys.

Screening panels proceed in accordance with Rule 14-510 and are usually held the first two Thursdays of each month.  Following their review, investigation and hearing, the screening panels may dismiss a case, recommend lower levels of discipline, or direct the OPC to file a formal complaint in district court.

The Chair of the Ethics and Discipline Committee is responsible for ruling on exceptions to the dismissal of informal complaints by the OPC, and any exceptions to the determinations made by the screening panels.

Committee Chair:
– Christine Greenwood

Vice Chairs:
– Catherine L. Brabson
– Jeffrey J. Hunt
– Katherine E. Venti
– Michael McCarthy

Committee Contact:
– Brady Whitehead