Legislative and Public Policy Activity

Utah State Bar bylaws allow the Bar to engage in legislative activities that impact access to justice and the practice of law in Utah.

The Utah State Bar engages in legislative activities and public policy actions related to the practice of law and the administration of justice as authorized by Keller v. State Bar of California, 496 U.S. 1 (1990). Keller prohibits mandatory bars from using fees for political or ideological activities that do not directly promote the core interests of the mandatory bar, interests of the legal profession, improve the administration of justice, or promote advancements in jurisprudence.

The Utah State Bar uses what is called a “Keller-Pure” approach regarding lobbying and political issues. Our Bar gives every issue a Keller analysis before the organization takes a position. If it is determined that the issue would not pass the Keller standard, the Utah State Bar’s bylaws do not allow it to take a position or use staff time on behalf of a proposal. The Utah State Bar’s Keller refund request policies and procedures can be found here: 

Notice of Policy Positions Taken

Positions taken can be found here:

Even though the Utah State Bar only engages in legislative activity allowed by Keller, Lawyers and LPPs may receive a rebate of the proportion of their annual license fee spent on legislative activities by notifying the Bar’s Financial Director Nathan Severin at NSeverin@utahbar.org.  The rebate amount is calculated each spring and averages approximately $7.67. Notice of the availability of the rebate is given each year on the Bar’s website and in the Bar Journal and monthly eBulletin. 

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