Resolving a Fee Dispute

The Utah State Bar maintains a Fee Dispute Committee for the purpose of providing a procedure to resolve fee disputes between clients and their attorneys practicing in the State of Utah.

How to Participate

The Fee Dispute Program

Proceedings before the Committee begin upon receipt of a verified  petition seeking to arbitrate or mediate a dispute regarding the attorney’s fee.  The petition must be signed by the attorney and client. The petition is  forwarded to the attorney who must file a verified answer within ten days. When the Committee has on file the petition and answer, the Chairperson or his  designee shall appoint a panel to conduct a hearing on the matter.  Less than $10,000 in controversy. Notwithstanding the provisions, the chair or his designee must designate from the Committee an arbitration panel consisting of one lawyer in those arbitration proceedings in which the amount in controversy is less than $10,000. However, when the amount in controversy is less than $10,000 but more than $7,500 the chair or designee must advise the petitioner that he or she may choose and receive a three-member panel as set forth.

Participation in the fee dispute program is voluntary; therefore, the Utah State Bar can not make an attorney or a client participate or submit to binding arbitration. We will, however, to the best of our ability, encourage your attorney or client to be involved. Please note that if you and the Respondent enter into binding arbitration, there will be a $10.00 filing fee due before the proceeding can be scheduled. Information about the filing fee will be sent to you if the Respondent has signed a binding agreement to arbitrate. The decision will be final unless successfully appealed in a timely manner under the very narrow exceptions under Rule 5 (G).

In order to proceed with the fee dispute process, you must first sign and return the Fee Dispute Petition Form and the Fee Dispute Agreement Form. These forms must be notarized prior to returning them to our office. If you mark your envelope personal and confidential, this will insure that only the Fee Dispute Department will receive your claim and that it will be kept absolutely confidential until resolution. Please return the forms to:

Utah State Bar Fee Dispute

ATTN: Christine Critchley
645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

For more information, you can contact the staff member indicated in the Staff Directory or send an e-mail to


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