Bar Commission

The Utah State Board of Bar Commissioners is the volunteer board that oversees the activities of the Utah State Bar. The Bar President serves a one-year term. Commissioners serve staggered three-year terms.

President and President-Elect

Erik Christiansen
Cara M. Tangaro

The Voting Bar Commission

1st Division Commissioner
J. Brett Chambers
2nd Division Commissioner
Matt J. Hansen
3rd Division Commissioner
Chrystal Mancuso-Smith
3rd Division Commissioner
Greg Hoole
3rd Division Commissioner
John H. Rees
3rd Division Commissioner
Kim Cordova
3rd Division Commissioner
Mark Morris
3rd Division Commissioner
Traci Gundersen
4th Division Commissioner
Tyler Young
5th Division Commissioner
Tom J. Bayles
Public Member Commissioner
Rick Hoffman
Public Member Commissioner
Shawn Newell

Ex-Officio Members

LGBT & Allied Lawyers of Utah Representative
Anaya Gayle
YLD Division Representative
Ashley Biehl
Dean J. Reuben Clark Law School
David Moore
Dean S.J. Quinney College of Law
Elizabeth Kronk Warner
ABA YLD Representative
Ezzy Khaosanga
Paralegal Division Representative
Katie Lawyer
Bar ABA Delegate
Kim Cordova
Past Bar President
Kristin K. Woods
Women Lawyers of Utah Representative
Lauren Shurman
Judicial Counsel Representative
Margaret D. Plane
State ABA Members' Delegate
Nathan D. Alder
Utah Supreme Court Representative
Nick Stiles
Minority Bar Association Representative
Tony Graf


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