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A legislative associate general counsel for the Utah Legislature is a lawyer who provides nonpartisan legal services to the Utah Legislature under the direction of the Legislature’s general counsel. The Legislature’s general counsel, deputy general counsel, and a team of 21 other lawyers currently employed as associate general counsels, provide nonpartisan legal services to all 104 members of the Legislature. The Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel is looking for an attorney who is able to function effectively in a high pressure, fast-paced, political environment and work on legislation that promotes various public policy positions while maintaining objectivity and neutrality.

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Under the general direction of the City Attorney, the Deputy City Attorney represents the City as legal counsel in criminal and civil matters, including administrative and court proceedings. The Deputy City Attorney is responsible for management and administration as directed by the City Attorney. The Deputy City Attorney provides advice to the city manager, mayor, city council, and other city officials concerning legal rights, obligations, liabilities, and privileges. The Deputy City Attorney acts as the Assistant City Prosecutor.

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