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The Bar’s election process gives attorneys throughout the state a voice in the regulation of the practice of law in Utah.

Bar Commission Elections

The Board of Bar Commissioners for the State Bar of Utah consists of at least 13 but no more than 15 voting members, including 11 elected lawyers and two non-lawyers appointed by the Supreme Court.

The elected lawyer Commissioners are elected by the active licensees of the Bar whose official business address on record is in the division the Commissioner represents.

The 11 elected lawyer commissioners represent the following Divisions:

  • Seven from the Third Division (3rd Judicial District)
  • One from the First Division (1st Judicial District)
  • One from the Second Division (2nd Judicial District)
  • One from the Fourth Division (4th Judicial District)
  • One from the Fifth Division (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Judicial Districts)

The terms of office are staggered, with each Commissioner serving a three-year term.

KIM CORDOVA Candidacy for President Elect

There are continuous challenges that face the legal profession as the profession grows in numbers and evolves as technology and society evolve. I see in those challenges the opportunity to serve.

I have been a trial lawyer for over twenty years. I have worked for the government, I have volunteered for pro bono programs, I have worked with the Utah State legislature crafting policy in criminal justice, I run my own law firm, and I teach at the University of Utah law school. I have appeared in court in every district in this state.

Currently, I am one of the American Bar Association delegates for Utah and a Commissioner for the Third Division. In these roles, I have been exposed to the workings of the Utah State Bar Commission and have grown to admire and respect the staff of the bar as well as the commissioners. These talented, passionate, intelligent people are committed to the lawyers of Utah and work tirelessly to address their needs.

While I have enjoyed my part on the commission as the ABA delegate and as a Commissioner, I would like to expand my role to represent the entire State.

I am committed to collaborating and listening to my colleagues and representing the voices that may not always be heard. I have been and am a trial lawyer. I am familiar with the challenges of government lawyers, small firms, and of large government agencies. I believe that with my varied experiences as an attorney and my service to the bar that my contributions have been consistent and significant. I am committed to this profession and to the lawyers of this state.  I humbly ask for your support.

2024 Utah State Bar Elections

With regard to the open Bar Commission seats, Rule 14-205(h)(5) of the Bar’s bylaws states, “[i]f an insufficient number of nominating petitions are filed to require balloting in a division, the person or persons nominated must be declared elected” – therefore, the four open seats in the Third Division will be filled by:

Chrystal Mancuso-Smith (Term 2024-2027)

Christian Clinger (Term 2024-2027)

Miriam Allred (Term 2024-2027)

Olivia Shaughnessy (Term 2024-2025) *Olivia will be completing Traci Gundersen’s term. 

And, in the Fourth Division by:

Tyler Young (Term 2024-2027) 

Third Division Bar Commissioners

Fourth Division Bar Commissioner

Run for Bar Commission

Applicants must be nominated by a written petition of ten or more members of the Bar in good standing whose business mailing addresses are in the division from which the election is to be held. Nominating petitions may be obtained from the Utah State Bar website by downloading the nominating_petition.

Completed petitions must be submitted to Elizabeth Wright, Executive Director, no later than close of business at 5:00 p.m. MST on February 1st of the year of the election.

In order to reduce out-of-pocket costs and encourage candidates, the Bar will provide the following services at no cost:

  1. Space for up to a 200-word campaign message plus a photograph in the March/April issue of the Utah Bar Journal. The space may be used for biographical information, platform or other election promotion. Campaign messages and biographical sketch for the March/April Bar Journal publications are due along with completed petitions and two photographs no later than February 1st;
  2. Space for up to a 500-word campaign message plus a photograph on the Utah Bar Website due February 1st;
  3. A set of mailing labels for candidates who wish to send a personalized letter to the lawyers in their division who are eligible to vote; and
  4. A one-time email campaign message to be sent by the Bar. Campaign message will be sent by the Bar within three business days of receipt from the candidate.

If you have any questions concerning this procedure, please contact Elizabeth Wright at (801) 531-9077 or at director@utahbar.org.

Voting Procedures

The Bar uses an online voting system. A website link, along with a login and passcode to access the online election system will be supplied to eligible voters via an email sent to your email address of record. Please review your bar record on your private account page located at https://services.utahbar.org  to confirm the accuracy of your email address information. (If you do not have your login information please contact Onlinesupport@utahbar.org and your information will be sent to your email address of record.)

To help ensure that you receive your ballot please review your spam filters and email allow list the independent election service provider skypunch.tech.

If you do not receive your electronic ballot and would like to vote online please send an email to
Onlinesupport@utahbar.org and they will assist you in receiving a ballot.

Online balloting will begin on or about April 1 and conclude April 15.

An email reminder will be sent from electionsonline.us 7 days after the beginning of the election along with a link to the ballot and the passcode. (Again, please take a moment to set any spam filtering technology on your email to allow email from skypunch.tech.

Upon request, the Bar will provide a traditional paper ballot. Please contact Christy Abad at adminasst@utahbar.org.

If you do not receive a ballot email, please take the following steps:

  • Check your spam filter for the ballot email; If the email is not there,
  • go to www.electionsonline.us/election.login.cfm and enter your email address in the appropriate box.  If your email address is recognized, a new ballot will be sent.  If your email address is not recognized, please contact onlinesupport@utahbar.org to confirm eligibility and receive a new ballot email.

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