Litigation Support

Litigation Support

VRI Computer Forensics has one simple mission: to collect, analyze and testify on digital evidence for our clients, exclusively attorneys. Experts in working with ESI stored on hard drives, cell phones, cloud systems, etc., with offices in Utah and California.
Legally-admissible screen captures, simplified!

Discounts are available for Utah State Bar members! Click here to redeem your discount.

Page Vault helps legal professionals capture web content—such as social media, videos, and websites—and turn it into an easy-to-use PDF document with key metadata.  Get our award-winning software to make captures in-house or outsource to our web capture professionals with our vendor service.

Say goodbye to manual screen captures. In as little as two clicks, you can bulk capture Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok & more and turn it into authenticated evidence with Webpreserver from Pagefreezer. Cut days of collection work down to minutes with WebPreserver.

As the scope and volume of data that must be reviewed increases, so does the cost of eDiscovery. With eDiscovery solutions from Cellebrite Enterprise Solutions, eDiscovery practitioners and legal technologists can streamline the collection and processing of computer and mobile data to support any litigation. Their industry-leading solutions will gather only what’s needed from custodians and remove duplicate data to save you time and money and preserve employee’s privacy.


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