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Media Partners

KUTV/KJZZ/KMYU…With The Power Of Compulse Legal

KUTV, powered by Compulse Legal, is a full-service, cross platform, marketing agency that specializes in strategic, legal marketing. Our platform was created BY lawyers, FOR lawyers. We work with thousands of people in the legal profession across the state and country to bring marketing costs down and increase conversions through strategy driven multi-platform marketing campaigns.  

At KUTV and Compulse Legal, we understand that it can be hard to thrive with growing competition and increasing price pressures, while still protecting your bottom line. Our clients regularly see a 50%+ increase in leads after we’ve tailored their online presence and marketing efforts to maximize conversions.
Our team of legal marketing specialists can help you craft a custom solution to achieve your goals.

Reach out for your consultation today!

***Exclusive offer for members of the Utah Bar Association: 

Marketing and Online Presence audit provided with initial consultation. Fill out the contact form on this page or call 801-839-1284 to speak with our Director of Sales.


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