Legal Technology Training

Legal Technology Training

Savvy Training & Consulting trains attorneys and law firm staff for maximum efficiency and security. We partner with firms that embrace change as they adopt new technologies and improve efficiency in existing, foundational platforms, such as Microsoft products, document management systems, and more. From weekly opt-in webinars, to firm-specific, instructor-led trainings, to a robust, subscriber-based learning management system that comes fully loaded with training content, our work translates directly into higher earning power for law firms throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Being a successful lawyer shouldn’t be the equivalent of feeling burned out. 

At Stafi we believe that you can have everything but you can’t do everything. And the element that evens out the balance you need is one of our Stafi representatives. 

We specialize in providing a high-quality virtual team including legal assistants, paralegals, intake specialists, receptionists, and marketing specialists. This allows you to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus more on what really matters—increasing your law firm’s billable hours and taking your firm to the next level.

Stafi vets candidates to provide the top 1% for your law firm, PLUS we offer continuous support and HR management ensuring you have the resources you need to succeed. 

We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, ensuring you never have to handle everything on your own again!

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