Tips on Finding a Utah Attorney

Tips on Finding a Utah Attorney

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Why hire a lawyer?

“After a client hires me,” writes Sam Glover, an attorney in Minneapolis, “I tell them, ‘Okay, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Your problem is now my problem.’ This is a thing I say, but it is a true thing. My clients go home and sleep soundly for the first time in weeks or months.” 

When you hire a lawyer, you’re hiring someone to worry for you, to sweat the small stuff.  

With over 12,000 attorneys in Utah, you’re sure to find one with the particular experience and expertise to help guide your case through the legal system.  Here are some steps you can take to help with your search.

Personal Search

Talk with Family, Friends, Neighbors, and Coworkers For Personal Referrals

Family and friends are a great resource in finding an attorney. Ask them who their attorneys are and what they think of them. If you talk to half a dozen people that you know who have had similar legal problems, you should come away with several good referrals. 

Online and Business Referrals

Online Services

Use the Utah State Bar’s web site to select attorneys that meet your needs. After you’ve narrowed your choices, research your selections online. There are many rating services that will give you a better understanding of the attorney’s strengths. Check the attorney’s website and social networks to review what they say and how they present themselves. 

Find a ‘Business’ Attorney Through Business Referrals

If your matter deals with issues relating to business, contracts, real estate, or financial matters you may want to speak with your banker, accountant, insurance agent, or real estate agent. They meet or work with attorneys that focus their practice in these matters and may be able to help you with a referral. 

Meeting Your Lawyer

When meeting with an attorney pay attention to how you feel about working with them. No matter how well-recommended an attorney is, if you feel uncomfortable with the attorney during the first meeting it may be difficult to continue on. Time is valuable to both of you. Knowing you can work with an attorney will help speed you through your matter.

Specific questions you should ask your attorney include:

  • How quickly will they generally respond to your questions?
  • How will your attorney bill you and what is the rate?
  • How do they prefer to communicate with clients? (Email, phone, text)


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