You may use the form below to begin the process of addressing potential issues with an attorney.

The Utah Supreme Court has charged the Office of Professional Conduct (“OPC”) with the responsibility of investigating all information coming to its attention, which, if true, would be grounds for discipline against an attorney.

The information provided using this on-line Request for Assistance form will be submitted to the Utah State Bar’s Office of Professional Conduct (OPC) for investigation, and where appropriate, referral to the Utah State Bar’s Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).  CAP is designed to help clients resolve problems they have with their attorneys that may not rise to the level of a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

If your case is referred to CAP, the CAP Attorney will review the information provided and contact you to more fully discuss the problem.  The CAP attorney cannot give you legal advice.  The goal of this program is to facilitate resolution of problems with an attorney.  The CAP Attorney often communicates with the attorney by letter, explains the concerns, and requests that the attorney resolves the issue.  After the matter is concluded the CAP file is closed and the contents are destroyed.

If the information provided implicates possible rule violations by an attorney, the matter will be investigated by an OPC attorney.  You will typically receive notice of this initiation of an investigation within two weeks of your submission.  For more detailed information regarding the disciplinary process, the applicable rules, and the stages of the investigation, please visit the discipline process page.

If you have questions about this process, or would like to contact OPC directly, you may call:  801-531-9110

Please fill out the request form completely and to the best of your knowledge. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept anonymous requests for assistance.  If you do not provide a full name and a complete address and phone number where we can reach you, the information you provide may not be considered a request for assistance and you may not be entitled to further information in the event an investigation is opened.

Also, we generally cannot properly address your concerns without documentation to support your claims. The online form requires you to upload documents and submit them with your request. IF YOU DO NOT ATTACH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS YOUR SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE SENT AND NO CASE WILL BE INITIATED. The types of documents needed to support your allegations vary depending on the facts of the situation. However, the most common documents needed are:

  • Fee Agreements
  • Proof of Payment To the Attorney
  • Billing Records
  • Correspondence Between Yourself and the Attorney

If the documents you have are too large or you do not know how to convert your documents to an up-loadable format you can simply print out this form and mail it with copies of your documents to:

Utah State Bar
Office of Professional Conduct
645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111

CAP Request Form

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PLEASE NOTE we cannot properly address your concerns without documentation to support your claims. IF YOU DO NOT ATTACH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS YOUR SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE SENT AND NO CASE WILL BE INITIATED.

NOTICE: I understand that it may be necessary to act promptly to protect my rights and that commencement of a civil action may be required to preserve my rights. I acknowledge and understand that the completion of this form does not constitute commencement of a civil action, such as a malpractice action, and that the Utah State Bar will not commence any such action. I acknowledge it is my responsibility to seek and obtain any necessary legal advice with respect to this matter.I understand that by requesting assistance, the attorney in question and the Consumer Assistance lawyer may disclose confidential and privileged information; by submitting this electronic form I hereby release all claims I may have against my attorney and the Utah State Bar relating to disclosure of the information submitted.
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