Voter Information for the 3rd Division

Candidates for the 4th Division:

Tyler Young

When a colleague asked “Tyler, why are you running for the Bar Commission?” I let him know that I believe as lawyers who govern ourselves, that we owe some time to the administration of our craft. I suppose this was the first time I had to answer to myself, or others, “why,” having not rehearsed or forced to put words behind my reasons.

If I look back on when I became a Rotarian almost fifteen years ago (Rotary is a volunteer service organization), my reasons for joining would have been similar – I didn’t have an agenda for joining, it just sounded like an organization where I could provide assistance and serve the greater good. However, looking back, I’ve enjoyed volunteering my time to do some good in the community and I think it’s made an impact on both me, as well as those I have been privileged to serve. My lack of agenda doesn’t mean I’m apathetic.  In fact, I’ve been a board member of our club multiple times and served as the President in 2011 when our club had its largest membership increase of the last decade.  I spearheaded a new charitable event, volunteered for a District Rotary position, donated hundreds of hours to service projects, and I’ve taken on both important and mundane tasks alike simply to do my part.

When a friend asked me to help coach my high school baseball team, I couldn’t have put words to all the reasons “why” I agreed to help. I just put on a jersey and went to work (after a refresher course on hitting fly balls).  I gave those boys my time because coaches in my past had given a lot to me and it was time for me to do my part.

I would approach the Bar Commission with the same open-minded and voluntary spirit.  I don’t have an agenda.  I don’t know all of the hurdles that the commission will face.  But I will do my part to understand the needs of the bar, its members, and those who the bar serves.  I will listen to those who want to air their concerns.