Voter Information for the 2nd Division

Candidates for the 3rd Division:

Mark W. Pugsley



I would like to thank you for electing me to serve as a Bar Commissioner for the past three years.  It has been a very interesting term in many ways.  As most members of the Bar know, in August of 2020 the Utah Supreme Court made history when it approved a regulatory “sandbox” that will allow law firms and corporations to experiment with new legal structures, including allowing non-lawyers to practice and manage law firms.  This change was studied by the Bar Commission for months in advance of the comment period and right up until its final approval.

As a member of the Bar’s “Regulatory Reform Committee” I (along with a number of others from the Commission and the Bench) were assigned to do a deep dive into the proposal, to offer comments to the Supreme Court, and to educate members of the Bar about what was happening.  Our committee devoted many, many hours to this process.

In addition to the committee meetings, I participated in a number of CLE panels to sections of the Bar in 2020 and spoke directly with a large number of law firms and individual attorneys about the “Sandbox” proposal.  I believe that these meetings and panels provided members of the Bar with information to make well-informed comments on the proposal.  We also met directly with Justice Himonas and John Lund on multiple occasions to share feedback from our committee and from members of the Bar.  I believe the work of our committee was beneficial to the process, and helped improve the final result.

There were other issues we have addressed during my three years on the Bar Commission, including the tax on professional services and the response to Covid-19.  This work is ongoing, and I hope you will permit me to continue to contribute my voice and time to the work of the Bar Commission.  I would be honored to receive your vote.


Mark Pugsley’s practice is focused on complex commercial litigation involving financial products and institutions.  He primarily represents victims of investment fraud and Ponzi schemes, and helps them recover their losses through FINRA arbitration, whistleblower claims and civil litigation on an hourly or contingency-fee basis.  He frequently speaks and writes about affinity fraud and Ponzi schemes and has been retained to act as an expert witness in both civil and criminal securities cases.  He holds active licenses to practice law in Utah and California.

 Mr. Pugsley received graduate degrees from Duke University (JD ‘94, MA ‘94) and his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah (BS ‘91).