Voter Information for the 4th Division

Candidates for the 3rd Division:

Megan Mustoe

Megan Mustoe lives and practices law in Richfield, Utah. She is a graduate of the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law. Megan’s also an alum of the Utah Bar Leadership Academy. Locally, she is active in the Richfield Rotary International, Sevier County’s Economic Development Council, and a previous board member for the Richfield Area Chamber of Commerce. She is a founding board member of the revitalized Utah Wildlife Federation and provides south-central board representation to Allies with Families. In 2020, Megan was a nominee for both the City of Aurora and Salina City Justice Court Judgeship vacancies. Megan is proud to live in rural Utah and passionate about equitable access to legal resources for Utah’s communities, courts, and practitioners.

If elected as the Fifth Division Commissioner, Megan would:

  • encourage the Utah Bar Association to perpetually continue 100% online CLE acceptance;
  • build more structure and support for new practitioners in remote communities;
  • provide and present rural perspectives to the Utah Bar Commission; and
  • promote expansion of innovative court practices and programs to the entire state.