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The Pro Bono Commission helps coordinate public services programs through the Utah Bar.

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The Utah State Bar’s Pro Bono Commission was created in 2012. The goal of the Pro Bono Commission is to recruit, train, retain and reward attorneys for their pro bono efforts.

The Utah State Bar encourages Utah attorneys to support civil legal services organizations and provide pro bono representation as part of their professional responsibility to provide legal services to those unable to pay. A lawyer should aspire to render at least 50 hours of pro bono publico legal services per year.

The Pro Bono Commission fosters non-profit legal services providers in their efforts to place clients with attorneys for direct representation. The Pro bono Commission also receives requests for representation from the judiciary.  According to the Census Bureau approximately 320,835 Utahans live below the poverty line. We are working to match those in need of legal assistance with the programs who can help them.

The Utah State Bar’s Pro Bono Commission does not place cases for individuals.  The Utah State Bar does offer guidance to individuals seeking legal assistance.  The Bar has a comprehensive webpage with Public Services and Programs, including information on how to find legal help and links to information on particular areas of law.

The Pro Bono Commission conducts a number of projects and coordinates with local civil legal aid organizations, S.J. Quinney Law School, BYU Law School and The Utah State Courts to help ensure that all of Utah’s citizens have equal access to the justice system.

Attorneys who are interested in volunteering pro bono services should contact the Access to Justice Department at (801) 297-7027 or email