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The Utah State Bar is here to help you get connected to a lawyer or legal service and to help with issues that may arise. Learn how to prepare to work with your lawyer or get help with misunderstandings.


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Find helpful answers to common questions about lawyers and how you can prepare for your case.

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Finding the right services for you is important. Find clinics, programs, and services that fit within your budget and your schedule.

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Consumer protection.

We focus on connecting you with licensed lawyers who will help you meet your legal needs. That is the reason we offer our LicensedLawyers directories, as well as information about licensed lawyers. All lawyers listed in the LicensedLawyers Utah directory are in good standing with the Utah State Bar and have never had public discipline.

We also provide you with information about potential types of fraudulent lawyers, a fee dispute mechanism, and the Consumer Assistance Program, which aims to help consumers resolve concerns they have with their lawyers in a respectful, quick and effective manner.



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