The Legal Community

An Introduction for New Lawyers



This resource is intended to facilitate a discussion between the mentor and new lawyer about civic club opportunities, as well as civic, charitable, and service work.

General Mentoring Tips

    • Discuss why it is important to participate in civic clubs or organizations and how to get involved in them.


    • Discuss the types of civic, charitable or service activities the mentor engages in and why he or she does so.  What tangible and intangible benefits does the mentor enjoy that offset the investment of time and resources?


    • Discuss (without giving case specific information if an Outside Mentor) the clients and case referrals the mentor has received as a result of participation in civic and/or charitable organizations.


    • Invite the new lawyer to attend a meeting of a civic, charitable or service organization in which the mentor is involved or invite the new lawyer to participate in a civic, charitable or service activity with the mentor.


    • To the extent possible, introduce the new lawyer to those involved in an organization with which the new lawyer is interested in volunteering.


  • Discuss whether dues and/or contributions to civic, charitable and service organizations are paid by the firm or paid by the individual lawyers in the firm.  Discuss the background of the policy decision about the source of funds for dues or contributions.