New Lawyer

CLE Requirements

All lawyers are required to adhere to the Supreme Court rules pertaining to mandatory continuing legal education (“MCLE”) in order to renew their license.

(See Supreme Court Rule 14-404).

Failure to meet the requirements of the Utah State Board of Continuing Legal Education may result in Administrative Suspension.

NEW LAWYERS: Rules Governing

“ACTIVE” Status

The Utah State Board of CLE established specific rules governing new lawyers during their first two-year MCLE reporting period.

The first two-year reporting period ends on June 30 of the second complete year following the new lawyer’s year of admission to the Bar.

New Lawyer Training Program:

New lawyers are required to complete the twelve-month NLTP mentoring term during their first year of admission to the Bar. Upon completion, new lawyers will receive 12 NLCLE hours.

New Lawyer Ethics Program

New lawyers are required to attend the New Lawyer Ethics Program. This program is offered two times per calendar year, typically in the spring and the fall. New lawyers need only attend 1 seminar. This class satisfies the ethics requirement.

In addition to the 12 NLCLE credits earned from the NLTP and attending the New Lawyer Ethics Program, new lawyers must complete 12 additional accredited MCLE hours.

Frequently, the Bar’s CLE department schedules seminars particularly beneficial for new lawyers.  These seminars provide the basics in common areas of practice such as Criminal Law, Family Law, Real Property and Personal Injury.

New lawyers ARE allowed to earn MCLE credits while participating in the NLTP.

Check the CLE calendar at for seminar dates, times and registration.

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