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Judicial Nominating Commissions Submits Names for 3rd District, Appellate Court Vacancies

Two Utah judicial nominating commissions have presented names to Governor Spencer J. Cox to fill vacancies on Utah’s Third District Court and the Court of Appeals.

The Third District Judicial Nominating Commission has announced nominees to replace Judge Su J. Chon, who retires November 25. 

The nominees for the vacancy are: Darcy Goddard, chief policy advisor/deputy district attorney, Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office; Kyle Kaiser, assistant attorney, Utah Attorney General’s Office; Amanda Montague, assistant attorney, Utah Attorney General’s Office; Coral Sanchez, division chief, Davis County Attorney’s Office; Charles Stormont, director of right of way and property management, Utah Department of Transportation. 

And Utah’s Appellate Judicial Nominating Commission has submitted names for a vacancy on the Utah Court of Appeals to replace Justice Jill Pohlman, who was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The nominees for the vacancy are: Rita Cornish, Judge, Second District Court; William Hains, Assistant Solicitor General, Utah Attorney General’s Office; Debra Nelson, Chief Appellate Officer, Indigent Appellate Defense Division; Amy Oliver, Judge, Third District Court; Samantha Slark, Senior Attorney, Salt Lake City Corporation; Jennifer Valencia, Judge, Second District Court; Dallas Young, Attorney, Utah County Public Defender Association.

Written comments can be submitted to the Third District Judicial Nominating Commission or the Appellate Judicial Nominating Commission at judicialvacancies@utah.gov or Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, P.O. Box 142330, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2330. The deadline for written comments is noon on Nov. 21, 2022. TheNominating Commission may request further information or conduct an investigation of the nominees after reviewing public comments. After the public comment period, the names will be sent to Gov. Spencer J. Cox, who will have 30 days to make an appointment. Gov. Cox’s appointees are subject to confirmation by the Utah Senate.

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