AI Support

Artificial Intelligence Support

Cognistx is a leading developer of enterprise AI solutions since 2015. Specializing in multi-strategy AI products for businesses, Cognistx focuses on natural language processing (NLP) and question answering (QA) with its product SQUARE, enabling companies to navigate its corpus of files and applications for accurate, verified answers using a combination of Extractive and Generative AI. Specializing in multi-strategy AI products, the company also offers clients its Data Quality Engine (DQE), which enhances data quality, including data cleansing, normalization, anomaly detection, and data enrichment. Explore more at

A software service that proactively manages a client’s Estate plan.

Legacy Logix is a software service that proactively manages a client’s Estate plan, and everything associated with it, keeping it all organized, up-to date and accessible to the people that need it. It leverages private AI technology to categorize, summarize, and monitor documents, assets, and key stakeholders within a secure vault, sending alerts when something needs attention. And it serves as the go-to resource during the settlement process.


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