Voter Information for the 3rd Division

Candidates for the 3rd Division:


Andrew Morse


I am running for Bar Commission for the Third District to address the four pressing issues facing the Bar and the Utah legal community: Access to Justice and regulatory reform; maintenance of a unified Bar, taxes on legal services, and the wellness of members of our profession. I have the qualifications, energy and interest to represent you well as we address these challenges. I will address two challenges in this statement.

In August 2019 The Utah Work Group on Regulatory Reform issued a Report and Recommendation named “Narrowing the Access –to-Justice Gap by Reimagining Regulation.” It is a fascinating provocative work. The reports envisions substantial changes in how legal industry regulation will address fee sharing, lawyer advertising, and ownership and investment in law firms by non-lawyers. Utah embarks on this path along with Arizona and California. These proposed changes in how we regulate ourselves will require thorough study and imaginative and persuasive leadership. I have the experience and the needed understanding of the legal market to provide that leadership.

There is a movement afoot across the U.S. legal industry to improve the wellness of lawyers, judges, and law students. I was a member of the Supreme Court’s task force formed in 2018 to improve well-being of those in our profession. I am a member of the Wellbeing Committee for the Legal Profession. I am uniquely qualified to lead the Bar as it tackles this perplexing problem. The need is all too real. Yet the solutions are difficult and elusive. This challenge, too, demands imaginative and transformative leadership.

I have practiced in Utah since 1984. I like trying cases, and have done so at Snow Christensen & Martineau since 1986, mostly for the defense. But I am not from around here. No, I moved here from Vermont in 1984 to marry a law school classmate. She changed her mind two weeks short of a wedding date. It was a Catch and Release: I caught her and she released me. This was the best thing that could have happened. A few years later I met my wife, Leigh Ann Hayward, as we served on the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. We’ve been married 30 years, and have had three children.

My most relevant leadership experience has been as President of firm from 2011 through 2018. In that role I became very familiar with how lawyers think, feel and act. In addition, I learned a great deal about the legal market – as we had to compete in it every day. I’ve also led two other Salt Lake groups as Chairperson of their Boards: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, and the Ronald McDonald House.

Give me chance to see what I can do for you.