Voter Information for the 3rd Division

Candidates for the 3rd Division:

Mark Morris

It has been an important honor for me to represent the Third Division on the Utah State Bar Commission. My primary reason for wanting to serve was, and remains, because I feel blessed and fortunate to have had a career not only helping clients with problems, but I hope helping to perpetuate a terrific environment for practicing law. The Bar is a steward and guardian of that environment. I want to jealously and zealously preserve a legal community of professionals that insists on civility and professionalism, and allows good fellowship among people who may have strident and heartfelt disagreements with one another on many issues, but get along . . . happily and well.

My experience with the Bar has been extremely positive. I co-chaired the Annual Meeting in 2012. I enjoy participating in a favorite annual event where we get to rub shoulders in beautiful settings, and outside of our roles as advocates and, sometimes, adversaries. I served the Construction Section of the Bar in various capacities between 2012 and 2015. And for two and half years I’ve served on the Commission. My regular interaction with those members of our Bar was a pleasure every time. The staff and officers of the Bar have been uniformly positive and enjoyable to work with.

These associations and experiences continue to remind me of the observation our Chief Justice Matthew Durrant made to a graduating class of law students a few years ago. He revealed, with good humor, that he actually likes lawyers. So do I. I am proud to be a member of a Bar full of people whom I genuinely like. My life and practice are made enormously more enjoyable by the fact, too, that our Bar takes its commitment to civility and professionalism deadly serious. This means a lot to all of us. There are changes coming to Utah about how legal services are regulated and provided. No one can reasonably oppose increasing access to legal help, both for those of limited means but also to people of moderate and robust means. At the same time, I am passionate about preserving the humanity and collegiality of our proud profession.

I have tried over 60 cases, but almost always only after seeking efficient, amicable and reasonable resolutions to my clients’ problems. I have practiced law in Utah for almost 35 years in private practice at Snell & Wilmer and Ray, Quinney & Nebeker. The Bar is and should remain above both political and any other differences of opinion that are independent of what should be a common and mutual desire to foster an environment of humanity and collegiality, albeit often amidst a lot of stress. That is my highest priority as a commissioner. My perspective is unique and, as I get more experience, continues to evolve. I welcome and appreciate your support in my wanting to make Utah an even better place to live and practice law.