Admission for

House Counsel

An application for admission as House Counsel can be filed at any time, but it must be done within 6 months of securing employment as House Counsel.  Keep in mind that processing the application takes 4-6 months.  Once the application is filed, the applicant may practice as House Counsel while the application is pending.


House Counsel Application – $850 (non-refundable)



BEFORE beginning the application process, you MUST read the Rules Governing Admission to the Utah State Bar as well as the Filing Instructions below.

Applicants to the Utah State Bar must create a Synergy account by going to:  Through this account you will complete and submit an online application, upload the required supplementary documentation, and receive status updates.

Before registering, applicants must ensure that * is a white-listed domain.  Otherwise, you may not receive the confirmation email that is necessary to activate your account.  Please do NOT use a school email address to register your account.

The application process is designed to be completed personally by the Applicant.  It is the policy of the Bar to correspond solely with the Applicant regarding a current or potential application.  This includes questions about how to complete the application.  Third parties such as family members or legal assistants may not act as intermediaries between the Applicant and the Bar.  Exceptions to this policy are limited to extraordinary circumstances such as overseas military service.  In such cases the Applicant may provide a signed and notarized document specifying the individual with whom we should communicate and the dates when the applicant will be unavailable.

Rules Governing Admission

You should become familiar with the Rules Governing Admission.

Those listed below are especially relevant to Applicants applying for admission as House Counsel:

Questions concerning

Questions and Answers

 If you still cannot find the answer to your question, contact the Admissions Office at