Meet the Section Chairs

The Utah State Bars hosts a variety of sections and divisions, each focused on a particular area of law. They provide CLE activities, legislative guidance, and peer networking and public service opportunities.

Divisions of the Utah State Bar

Division Title Twitter  Facebook Current Chair Email Work Phone Section Leadership Change
Paralegal Division Tonya Wright 435-787-9700
Young Lawyers Grace Pusavat 801-532-1234

Sections of the Utah State Bar

Section Title Twitter   Facebook Current Chair Email WorkPhone Section Leadership Change
Antitrust Law Lara Swenson 801-363-6363
Appellate Practice Lori Seppi 801-532-5444
Banking & Finance Nicholas Frandsen 801-532-1500
Bankruptcy Law Brian Porter 801-521-4135
Business Law Andrew Lilywhite 435-752-2610
Cannibis Law Hannah Follender 801-533-9800
Collection Law Jonathan Hanks 801-412-3920
Communications Law
Community Association Quinn Sperry 801-790-9000
Constitutional Law Jason Groth 801-871-8926
Construction Law Tyler Foutz 801-328-0266
Corporate Counsel Trevor Bradford 801-372-7703
Criminal Law Stephanie Miya 801-455-3836
Cyberlaw Jared Braithwaite 435-575-1390
Dispute Resolution Christian Clinger 801-273-3902
Education Law Ben Onofrio 801-402-5109
Elder Law Brant Christiansen 801-746-6300
Entertainment Law Derek Julio 801-859-8244
Environmental Law Blaine Rawson 801-933-4046
Estate Planning Law Michael Garrett
Family Law Karla Block 801-741-7600
Franchise Law Christian Thompson 801-575-5001
Government & Admin Megan Smith 385-468-7792
Health Law Jeffrey Enquist 801-809-5144
Indian Law Heather Carter-Jenkins 801-285-7539
Intellectual Property Catherine Parrish Lake 801-578-6989
International Law Joesph Brubaker 801-323-5974
Juvenile Law Nathan Nielson 435-592-3167
Labor & Employment Erik Strindberg  801-359-4169
Legal Entrepreneur Law Ben Lear 801-538-5000
Limited Scope Representation Matthew Bell 801-970-2800
Litigation Erik Christiansen 801-532-1234
Military Law J. Ed Christiansen 801-703-6684
Non-Profit/Charitable Law Blake Voorhees 801-323-3669
Real Property Eric Robinson 801-538-3600
Securities Law Maria Windham 801-323-3377
Senior Attorneys T. Richard Davis  801-297-1260
Small Firm Practice Clayton Simms  801-428-0336
Tax Law Peter Smyth 801-799-5796