e.Bulletin for September 2013


commissioner_Jensen_CurtisI hope you had an enjoyable summer. At our last commission meeting we reviewed and assessed our performance on last year’s objectives as well as how we can continue to improve the programs currently being implemented by the Bar. We also had a great discussion on some of the challenges facing our profession in the coming years and how we can be better prepared to deal with these challenges. As a commission, we have identified specific objectives to focus on for the coming year. We will continue to promote the Pro-Bono and Modest Means programs. We have been very pleased with the success these programs have had since their launching, but realize that efforts must be made to assure their continued success.  Some of the objectives we have identified and will be focusing on for the coming year include:

  1. Educating the public about the rule of law and the judicial system.
  2. Assessing and implementing steps to improve the quality of CLE and its delivery to our members.
  3. Continuing to promote and support efforts in sustaining a fair and impartial judiciary.
  4. Continuing our efforts in supporting and promoting better access to justice and affordable legal services.
  5. Working with the local law schools and recent graduates in marketing efforts and career opportunities.
  6. Identifying and analyzing factors that will be impacting the practice of law and our legal profession in the future.
  7. Providing greater benefits to members.

The Bar Commission is committed to serving you and sincerely appreciates any input from our membership regarding the foregoing priorities or current operations of the bar.

After much discussion and consideration, the Commission has elected to return to Snowmass for the 2014 Summer Convention. For the first year, we were pleased with the outcome and received many positive responses from those who were in attendance, but we realize there are many ways we can improve the convention. Steps are being taken to address these concerns, and hopefully next year’s convention will be even bigger and more enjoyable to those members who attend. Next year’s convention will be July 16-19, so mark your calendars now.

September 2013 E-News

  • A PLEA FOR YOUR HELP! Volunteers Needed for Constitution Day Civics Program
  • Red Mass to Honor Judge Judith Atherton
  • National Pro Bono Celebration
  • Fall Forum schedule and registration available.
  • September CLE Programs

A PLEA FOR YOUR HELP! —The Bar has received an overwhelming response from schools requesting volunteer lawyers to teach an important course on the Constitution and the separation of powers for our Constitution Day kick-off of the Civics Education program. Despite having a lot of enthusiastic volunteers, we are more than 125 attorney volunteers short of filling our classroom requests. We feel very strongly that we need to get volunteers for all of the classrooms that have already requested them. If you have time that you can volunteer to teach this important topic to students in your community, we would welcome your help. A schedule of available classes can be found at Class Schedule. Teaching materials and instructional video are posted at http://civics.utahbar.org/resources.html. It will be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience which will not take much of your valuable time.

The Red Mass, Noon, October 11 at the Cathedral of the Madeleine —A Red Mass is a Mass celebrated annually in the Catholic Church for judges, attorneys, law school professors, students, and government officials.  The Mass requests guidance from the Holy Spirit for all who seek justice, and offers the opportunity to reflect on what Catholics believe is the God-given power and responsibility of all in the legal profession. Honorees include retired Judge Judith Atherton.

National Pro Bono Celebration, October 20-24— Contact michelleharvey@utahbar.org to participate in volunteer opportunities.

Monday, October 21

  •  Awards Luncheon, Noon, S.J.QuinneyCollege of Law, Sutherland Moot Courtroom

Tuesday, October 22

  •  Street Law Legal Clinic, 5 p.m., HorizonteSchool Cafeteria, 1234 South Main Street, Volunteer Opportunity!
  •  Tuesday Night Bar, 5:30 p.m., Law and JusticeCenter, Volunteer Opportunity!
  •  Tuesday Night Bar Reception, 5:30 p.m., UtahValleyUniversity Library, Lakeview Room, Volunteer Opportunity!

Wednesday, October 23

  •  Special Film Screening and Panel, Crime After Crime: The Battle to Free Deborah Peagler, 7 p.m., Main Library Theater, free, no ticket necessary, doors open at 6:30; 2 hours of CLE credit will be given for attorneys in attendance.

Thursday, October 24

  •  Debtor’s Counseling Clinic, 6 p.m., Main Library, Fourth Floor Meeting Room, Volunteer Opportunity!

Fall Forum at the Little America Hotel, November 14 and 15 — Join the most popular event for CLE in Utah, the Fall Forum 2013, November 14 & 15th, Little America Hotel.  What is the Forum offering for CLE – topics include concealed carry permits, protecting lawyers from angry clients, Mediation or Litigation the crisis of overconfidence, making a great and lasting first impression and the list goes on…. You can find the brochure in your Sept/Oct. edition of the Utah Bar Journal or download the schedule and register online at   http://fallforum.utahbar.org/fallforumschedule.html. See you there!

Continuing E-News September Continuing Legal Education—See the Bar’s numerous CLE seminars and section luncheons, including the 21st Annual Estate and Charitable Gift Planning Institute on Wednesday, September 25: CLE Calendar (green dots indicate seminars and gold dots indicate section luncheons; can be filtered on top left).

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