e.Bulletin for July 2013


Bar President Lori NelsonIn my last e-bulletin I wanted to thank all the people who have made this year so successful. Thanks to Rob Rice and his committee for the yeoman’s work they have done on the pro bono commission. Thanks to Rob Jeffs for his inspiration and John Lund and Judge Su Chon for all the hours of work devoted to getting the Modest Means/Lawyer Referral program underway and working. Thanks to the Bar staff who have worked in extraordinary conditions while the HVAC system is being replaced and to Steve Burt, commission member and architect, for managing the contracts and bids for the work. Thanks to Angelina Tsu and Benson Hathaway for getting 174 lawyers and judges into classrooms on Constitution Day teaching on the constitution. Thanks to Rob Jeffs for heading up the new member benefits project to improve what the Bar can deliver to our members.
I would encourage those of you who have not had the opportunity for Bar service to volunteer. The benefits and camaraderie are priceless.

As part of the ongoing effort to shine a light on the public service provided by Utah’s legal professionals, the Utah State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners has created a set of radio public service announcements that will be running this month. The script and explanation, prepared by Sean Toomey, the Bar’s communication director, is on the web page at http://www.utahbar.org/utah-state-bar-news-and-announcements/in-the-news/utah-state-bar-on-the-air/.

The radio campaign begins with what some might consider an unlikely call to action: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” These infamous words of Shakespeare were spoken by Dick the Butcher – a very bad guy. He, along with his companions wanted to take over, ending civilization as we know it and they knew the best was to start was to kill those working for justice – lawyers.

This all started when the Clerk of Chatham was charged with the heinous crimes of reading and writing. There was an impromptu and very quick trial at which the accused was able to speak only 18 words with no right to an advocate. The Clerk was convicted on the damning evidence of being able to write his name. The verdict: “Hang him with his pen and ink-horn about his neck.”

As lawyers, we would be ideal targets for Dick the Butcher and Jack Cade, who the bad guys were trying to set up as King. As lawyers, we represent the accused, provide free and discounted legal services, and work to keep people out of court. We also build strong partnerships, businesses, products, and projects; help people mediate and negotiate; and seek solutions for everyday problems and opportunities. Beyond this, we volunteer in the community, bringing our special skills to non-profit boards and government committees, as well as donating their time to help those needing a meal or a helping hand.

The message we are trying to get out to the public is that no matter what the issue: an arrest, creating a business, buying real estate, refinancing your mortgage, getting a divorce – hire a lawyer.

Last, don’t forget to registration for this summer’s convention. The meetings with Justice Scalia are likely to be unforgettable. It is not too late to register and walk-ins are always welcome. PLUS, you get CLE credit for this year even though the convention is in the next CLE reporting year.

July 2013 E-News

  • Surveys of Judges from the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission
  • 2013 Tenth Circuit Bench & Bar Conference, August 29-13, Colorado Springs
  • July Continuing Legal Education
  • Mandatory CLE (MCLE) Reporting Cycle (7/1/11 to 6/30/13)

Surveys of Judges from the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission — If you spend a lot of time in court, you may soon receive in your in-box surveys on up to nine different judges. The Bar urges you to complete all surveys based on your first-hand experience with each judge. Your response is important because the reliability of the survey results rests largely on the response rate. That is, the more people who respond, the more accurate the results will be. Help the Commission provide sound information to judges for self-improvement and to the voting public for the next judicial election. If you have questions, please contact judicialperformance@utah.gov.

2013 Tenth Circuit Bench & Bar Conference, August 29-13, Colorado Springs — The conference will feature a Fireside Chat with U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Educational programs will include extended sessions on various topics in genetics and the law, law and technology, and religious liberty. Additional presentations will include speakers on bankruptcy, constitutional torts, electronic discovery, habeas corpus, the Supreme Court’s recent term, and three sessions on different ethics topics. Computer tablet training also will be offered. Conference registration is available online at: http://www.ca10.uscourts.gov/judconf.

July Continuing Legal Education — See the Bar’s numerous CLE seminar and section luncheons, including OPC Ethics School: CLE Calendar (green dots indicate seminars and gold dots indicate section luncheons; you can also filter for either on top left).

Odd Year Mandatory CLE (MCLE) Reporting Cycle (7/1/11 to 6/30/13) due this month — Active Status Lawyers complying in 2013 need to complete a minimum of 24 hours of approved CLE, including at least three hours of accredited ethics, with one of the three in professionalism and civility. A minimum of twelve hours must be earned by attending live CLE presentations. A Certificate of Compliance needs to be submitted by July 31. Downloadable MCLE forms can be found online at Forms. If you have questions, please visit www.utahbar.org/mcle or contact MCLE Director, sydnie.kuhre@utahbar.org, 801-297-7035 or MCLE Assistant, ryan.rapier@utahbar.org, 801-297-7034.

“Please let me know if you have a question or comment.” UtahBarPresident.LoriNelson@utahbar.org

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