e.Bulletin for April 2012

Disaster Recovery

Very doubtful it could ever happen here. Disasters happen elsewhere, not here of all places. After all, “this is the place.” Wishful thinking? Probably. We live in a state that is vulnerable to natural disasters, potential government debacles and man-made threats. On April 17th, our state will participate in the Be Ready Utah emergency preparedness campaign. This campaign is managed by the Division of Homeland Security under the direction of Lt. Governor Greg Bell. Be Ready Utah provides valuable information for individuals and families, public safety professionals, business and civic leaders, school administrators and volunteers. The Red Cross reports that only 7 percent of Americans have taken the recommended actions to prepare for disasters. If you are in the remaining 93 percent, like I am, it may be time to start thinking about getting ready. Consider what needs to be done at home. What about your law office, files and computer data? Have you assessed potential risks and vulnerabilities? Do you have a plan to reestablish normal business operations? Consider your community. There will not be sufficient emergency services to take care of all of us.
Ed Rutan, Salt Lake City Attorney, was appointed by the Utah State Bar Commission in 2010 to create a Disaster Legal Response Committee. The idea for our committee came from the problems that people were having in collecting on their insurance policies after hurricane Katrina and the shock Katrina and certain destructive tornados caused to law firms and the communities they serve. The resulting delay in the availability of private capital arguably delayed New Orleans’ recovery efforts. One well-respected attorney from Texas (President of their Bar), knowing his building was hit by a tornado, decided what he should do was go to Lowes and buy all the industrial vacuums they had on site. When he discovered his entire office had been destroyed, the vacuums had little use and he and members of his firm had to start thinking about the numerous client issues, billings, files and computers that had been rendered totally useless. Do you have off-site backup for your files and accounting data? Utah attorneys continue to volunteer for our Disaster Legal Response Committee in every region of our state, have created master plans and contingency plans, and are coordinating efforts with Bar sections and regional Bar associations. Many Utah attorneys will be ready to step in when a disaster occurs in our state. We thank those of you who have worked so hard on this project. If you would like to volunteer your services to this important committee, please visit www.utahbar.org/committees/disasterresponse/volunteer.html.
Make it a priority to prepare yourself, your home, your business, and your community. Visit www.BeReadyUtah.gov for more information on how you can get started with simple, basic steps to preparedness.

April 2012 E-News
2012 Bar Elections
First Annual Mentor of the Year Award
Opening on Governor’s Deception Detection Examiners Board
MCLE Notice
Family Dispute Resolution Day and the Attorney Program
Paralegal of the Year Nominations Sought
CLE Calendar
1. 2012 Bar Elections – Ballots have been sent to your email address of record. Balloting will conclude April 16, 2012. You may read the candidates statements at http://www.utahbar.org/elections/.
If you do not receive an electronic ballot, please contact onlineservices@utahbar.org. Upon request, the Bar will provide a traditional paper ballot by contacting Christy Abad at adminasst@utahbar.org.
2. First Annual Mentor of the Year Award – The Board of Bar Commissioners is seeking nominations for the first annual New Lawyer Training Program Mentor of the Year award to be given at the 2012 Summer Convention in Sun Valley, Idaho. Nominations must be submitted in writing to Elizabeth Wright, Coordinator of the New Lawyer Training Program, 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 18, 2012. You may also email a nomination to mentoring@utahbar.org by the same deadline. The award will go to a mentor who mentored a new lawyer in the NLTP and who excelled in teaching a new lawyer the skills needed to be a good lawyer. Mentor of the year will have been a valued guide who helped the new lawyer understand the rules of professionalism and civility and how adherence to them benefits clients and the profession as a whole. Please submit a short statement naming your mentor and explaining why your mentor deserves the award. Please provide specific examples of how your mentor went the extra mile in helping you during your first year of practice.
3. Opening on Governor’s Deception Detection Examiners Board – The Utah State Bar is soliciting applications to serve a four-year term as its representative to the State Deception Detection Board. In submitting your nomination, please consider your availability to devote the time and attention required of a board member. Board members must first serve to protect the public interest and may participate in disciplinary proceedings against members of the profession. Interested lawyers may send a resume to John C. Baldwin, Utah State Bar, 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 by April 20, 2012.
4. MCLE Notice – Notice of July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2012 MCLE Reporting Cycle – Due to the change in MCLE reporting deadlines, please remember that your MCLE hours must be completed by June 30th and your report must be filed by July 31st. If you have always filed in the even year, you will have a compliance cycle that began July 1, 2010 and will end June 30, 2012. Active Status Lawyers complying in 2012 are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of Utah approved CLE, which shall include a minimum of three hours of accredited ethics. One of the ethics hours shall be in the area of professionalism and civility. (A minimum of twelve hours must be live in-person CLE.) For more information and to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, please visit our website at www.utahbar.org/mcle. If you have any questions, please contact Sydnie Kuhre, MCLE Director at sydnie.kuhre@utahbar.org or (801) 297-7035 or Ryan Rapier, MCLE Assistant at ryan.rapier@utahbar.org or (801) 297-7034.
5. Family Dispute Resolution Day and the Attorney Program – Family Dispute Resolution Day (FDRD) is a hearing calendar made up of only pro se, or self-represented, parties. Cases on this calendar are heard by court commissioners. This calendar will have cases where self-represented parties appear on their own or with a FDRD attorney hired for the specific purpose of appearing at the hearing. If only one self-represented party hires a FDRD attorney, the other party will continue to be self represented. The FDRD Attorney Program is a private, for-profit program that provides a flat fee, low cost FDRD attorney to help the self-represented party with court hearings on motions for an order to show cause or for temporary orders. The flat fee is $150 and is payable at the time the party registers (after filing their Motion). If you would like to participate in this special program, please contact one of the following: Virginia 801.831.9623 virginia@lovs.biz ; Elizabeth 801.706.5820 elizabeth@lovs.biz; or, Robert 801.831.3958 robert@lovs.biz
6. Paralegal of the Year Nominations Sought – The Paralegal Division of the Utah State Bar and Legal Assistants Association of Utah are proud to sponsor Utah’s fifth annual Distinguished Paralegal of the Year Award. This award will be presented at the Paralegal Day Luncheon in May 2012, in Salt Lake City, to a Utah paralegal who, over a long and distinguished career, has by their ethical and personal conduct, commitment and activities, exemplified for their fellow paralegals and the attorneys with whom they work, the epitome of professionalism; who has also rendered extraordinary contributions that coincide with the purposes of the Paralegal Division and/or the purposes of LAAU. Please submit a nomination. The form may be found at http://www.utahbar.org/sections/paralegals/assets/Paralegalthe_Year_Nomination_Form_2012.pdf

7. Check out the numerous CLE seminar offerings through the Utah State Bar CLE Department: http://www.utahbar.org/cle/events/ and/or the Section lunches: http://www.utahbar.org/cle/events/html/section_luncheons.html
“I have a question or comment for the Bar President”UtahBarPresident.RodSnow@utahbar.org

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