Utah State Bar President’s Message RE: State of the Judiciary Address

As president of the Utah State Bar, I have been closely monitoring the impact the State’s current budget crisis will have on the Judicial Branch. On Monday, January 26, 2009, Chief Justice Christine Durham gave her State of the Judiciary Address before the Utah Legislature. I encourage you to read her speech by downloading the PDF copy from http://www.utcourts.gov/resources/reports/statejudiciary/2009-StateOfTheJudiciary.pdf. You may also listen to the session by downloading the mp3 file from http://recordings.le.state.ut.us/mp3/House/rhouse-0126092.mp3
Please join with me in doubling our efforts to support our Judiciary and its hundreds of employees in this critical time. It is incumbent upon all members of the Bar to support our Judiciary the best we can during this budget crisis. We must work together to find positive collaborative solutions as we face the effects that the budget cuts will have on access to the courts and cases being heard. Thank you for your continued support.
Nathan D. Alder
President, Utah State Bar

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