Notice of Proposed Amendments to Utah Court Rules

The Supreme Court and the Judicial Council invite comments to proposed amendments to the following court rules. The comment period expires January 24, 2014.

Summary of proposed amendments 

CJA 04-0408.01. Responsibility for administration of trial courts. Amend. Makes Morgan District Court a state operation. Effective November 1, 2013 under Rule 2-205. Subject to change after the comment period.

How to view redline text of the proposed amendments

To see proposed rule amendments and submit comments, click on this link to: Then click on the rule number.

How to submit comments

You can comment and view the comments of others by clicking on the “comments” link associated with each body of rules. It is most efficient if you submit comments through the website, and you are encouraged to do so. After clicking on the comment link, you will be prompted for your name, which we request, and your email address which need not be your real address. The comment website is public. Although all comments will be considered, they will not be acknowledged with a response.

After you submit your comment on the webpage, you may get an error message, but your comment has been delivered to a buffer, and I will publish it at the earliest opportunity.

Submit comments directly through the website or to:

Alison Adams-Perlac
Please include the comment in the message text, not in an attachment.
Fax:    801-578-3843
Administrative Office of the Courts
POB 140241
Salt Lake City, Utah  84114-0241
One method of submitting a comment is sufficient.

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