Notice of Approved Amendments to Utah Court Rules

The Judicial Council has approved amendments to the following Utah court rules. The amendments are effective November 1, 2013, unless otherwise noted.

Summary of amendments

CJA 01-0205. Standing and ad hoc committees. Amend. Changes the name of the Court Interpreter Committee to the Language Access Committee.

CJA 03-0306. Court interpreters. Amend. Creates a complaint process for failure to follow the requirements of the rule. Clarifies that Rule 3-306 is not authority to charge for language access costs. Cites the competing authority of federal and state law. Recognizes interpreter credentials from other states. Requires staff to be acting within the scope of human resource policies and procedures, which includes qualifications for a second language stipend, before engaging in a first-hand conversation with a person of limited English proficiency.

CJA 03-0402. Human resources administration. Amend. Changes the name of the career service review board to the grievance review panel.

CJA 03-0414. Court security. Amend. The amendment removes a reference to proselytizing that arguably limits the scope of the restriction on demonstrating or pamphleteering in a courthouse.

CJA 04-0110. Transfer of juvenile cases from district and justice courts to the juvenile court. Amend. Technical change, recognizing that Section 78A-7-106 governs transfer of cases from justice court to juvenile court.

CJA 04-0202.02. Records classification. Amend. Classifies the addendum to an appellate brief in a case involving termination of parental rights or adoption as a private record. Establishes the classification of a “safeguarded” record and which records are safeguarded records. Describes when jurors’ names are public, private or safeguarded.

CJA 04-0202.03. Records access. Amend. Describes who has access to safeguarded records. Modifies who has access to the juvenile court social file.

CJA 04-0403. Signature stamp use. Amend. Deletes acceptance of pleas in abeyance from the list of documents on which the clerk can sign for the judge with a signature stamp.

CJA 04-0404. Jury selection and service. Amend. Implements the requirement of Section 78B-1-110 that compliance with a summons satisfies a person’s jury service obligation for two years. Permits a court to establish a shorter term of service than is provided by rule, but not longer. ¬†Effective January 1, 2014.

CJA 04-0408.01. Responsibility for administration of trial courts. Amend. Makes Morgan District Court a state operation. Effective November 1, 2013 under Rule 2-205. Subject to change after the comment period.

CJA 04-0508. Guidelines for ruling on a motion to waive fees. Amend. Includes juvenile court within the guidelines of the rule.

CJA 04-0906. Guardian ad litem program. Amend. Further amendments approved after the comments to the 7/1/2013 amendments.

How to view redline text of the approved amendments

To see the text and effective date of the amendments, click on this link to: and then click on the rule number. All amendments are effective on the dates indicated. Updated versions of the rules will be posted to the main rules web page ( on or about the effective date of the amendments.

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