First and Third Divisions

Nominations to the office of Bar Commissioner are hereby solicited for one member from the First Division and three members from the Third Division, each to serve a three-year term.  Terms will begin in July 2017.  To be eligible for the office of Commissioner from a division, the nominee’s business mailing address must be in that division as shown by the records of the Bar.  Applicants must be nominated by a written petition of ten or more members of the Bar in good standing whose business mailing addresses are in the division from which the election is to be held.  Nominating petitions are available at  Completed petitions must be submitted to John Baldwin, Executive Director, no later than February 1, 2017 by 5:00 p.m.

NOTICE: Balloting will be done electronically.  Ballots will be e-mailed on or about April 3rd with balloting to be completed and ballots received by the Bar office by 5:00 p.m. April 17th.

In order to reduce out-of-pocket costs and encourage candidates, the Bar will provide the following services at no cost:

  1. space for up to a 200-word campaign message plus a color photograph in the March/April issue of the Utah Bar Journal.  The space may be used for biographical information, platform or other election promotion.  Campaign messages for the March/April Bar Journal publications are due along with completed petitions and two photographs no later than February 1st;
  2. space for up to a 500-word campaign message plus a photograph on the Utah Bar Website due February 1st;
  3. a set of mailing labels for candidates who wish to send a personalized letter to the lawyers in their division who are eligible to vote; and
  4. a one-time email campaign message to be sent by the Bar.  Campaign message will be sent by the Bar within three business days of receipt from the candidate.

If you have any questions concerning this procedure, please contact John C. Baldwin at (801) 531-9077 or at

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