In The News – 4Utah – The Modest Means Lawyers Referral Program

The Utah State Bar was established in 1931. It is a non-profit organization authorized by the Utah Supreme Court to regulate the practice of law, including admissions, education , and discipline. Its 11,000 lawyers serve the public and profession with excellence, civility, and integrity. They envision a just legal system that is understood, valued, and accessible to all.

The Modest Means Lawyers Referral program was created to make lawyers more accessible to more people

The Bar has added a new Access to Justice program, complementing the Pro Bono Commission which encourages attorneys to donate free services for those with incomes less than 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (Bar doesn’t coordinate referrals).

  • Modest Means Lawyers Referral program helps those with non-extensive assets and who make from 125% to 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (for example, up to $70,000 for a family of four).
  • Program provides referrals to lawyers who will charge hourly rates of up to $50 or $75.
  • More people are self-representing in court; nearly 50% appear for divorces without lawyers.
  • It’s difficult for a layperson to be effective because of the complexity of the law and the rules of evidence and procedure.
  • Program lawyers can provide limited-scope representation, such as coaching, appearing at a critical hearing, or reviewing documents that the client creates.
  • Limited representation and reduced fees give nearly everyone access to competent legal assistance (if not qualified for this program, someone has access to free services or has resources to hire a lawyer).
  • Interested parties should visit (
  • modest-means-do-i-qualify/) to see if they qualify.

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