Casemaker 2.1 – New tools, New Federal Libraries, New Services, New Look

Since 2004, Casemaker has provided the Utah State Bar (UTAH BAR) members with free, unlimited access to legal research. From case law to codes to federal materials, Casemaker has become one of, if not the, most valued member benefit. And it is now better.
Over the last 6 months, several Casemaker Consortium States have been working with Casemaker to create and release a new version of the program. Casemaker 2.1, which is currently available in its beta phase to UTAH BAR members, is more user-friendly, faster, and comprehensive than the current 2.0 version.

Users will see improvements to the interface, search tools, search format, and content. The final Casemaker 2.1 will far exceed any and all of its nearest competitors. Here’s a sneak peek:
Your Utah logo is located in the top left corner of your screen. This logo is stationary and will “follow” you no matter where you search on Casemaker. This logo is linked to
Several changes have been made to the advanced search box that will improve ease of use and search options.
The Case Name and Citation radio buttons have been removed within Case Law. You will now place either citation within the designated “Cite” field box and/or a case name within the designated “Case Name” field box.
Proximity and Word Form dropdown boxes have been removed from the advanced search box in all books (Case Law, General Statutes, Administrative Code, etc.). Using shortcuts, you may now utilize both of these functions in ALL search fields.
Within Casemaker 2.1, you will have access to a detailed search tips form. Located below each search box (in all libraries and books), is a listing of the various search functions that are available on Casemaker. These search functions are listed with descriptions and examples so that you can quickly and easily learn how to run relevant, high-level searches.
The Casecheck citator tool now features future cases from not only the state in which the original case is from, but also any federal court and/or other states that have cited the case.
You may enter either the state citation or the regional citation into the “Cite” field box. Both citations will produce your case. Regardless of which citation is searched, the case will be given as a result using the primary citation. For example, if you use a Utah citation within the “Cite” field box, the case will appear in your results page using the Pacific citation (Note: both citations will appear on the top of the case once a result is chosen).
An exploration trail is located under the dark blue navigation bar. This “bread-crumb trail” navigation indicates which state library you are searching, which book, whether you are “searching” or “browsing”, results, and particular document. The bread-crumb trail navigation lets you know where you are within Casemaker, where you have been, and to easily navigate back for search modifications.
CaseKnowledge is a brand-new tool to Casemaker 2.1. CaseKnowledge provides downloadable secondary publications for your case law searches. To utilize CaseKnowledge, first run a search. Once your results are displayed, you will see, on the right side of your screen, CaseKnowledge. This search engine will provide Utah state publications (when available), ABA publications, and HeinOnline publications. All of the publications are available for purchase. Once purchased, the document is downloaded and stored to your computer. In addition to having access to secondary material at the exact point in time that it is needed, you will also have access to our CiteLink. CiteLink hyperlinks all state and federal case law citations within a publication back to Casemaker. By simply clicking on the link within your purchased document, you are taken to the exact location in Casemaker where the case is located. In the future, statutes will also be added to CiteLink.
Casemaker 2.1 provides various print formats, including HTML, .pdf, and Word. Dual-column printing is available in both .pdf and Word formats. By using the “Print” link on the webpage, all hyperlinking and highlighting of search terms will be removed for a clean copy of the document. The final version of 2.1 will also provide the ability to email a document.
Casemaker has added eight (8) new books to the Federal Library, including: Court of International Trade, National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) Decisions, Court of Appeals – Armed Forces, Court of Appeals – Veterans Claims, Board of Immigration Appeals, Tax Court, Court of Claims, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Rule Filings. Within the next several weeks, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Federal Mine Safety will also be loaded into the library.
NEW! MultiBook SEARCH:
One of the most exciting new tools to arrive to Casemaker is MultiBook search. The MultiBook search tool will provide you with the option of searching all books within a library simultaneously. By selecting the MultiBook link on, for example, your Utah library page, a page listing all books within Utah appears, along with, a search box. Once a search is inputted, the number of documents within each book is displayed on the left side of the screen. By choosing a desired book, you will see the specific results appear on the right side. Each set of results will be placed in separate windows so that you may easily peruse all book- results separately.
Soon you will be able to connect to a live Casemaker Customer Support Representative via live chat. Available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm EST, you will be able to ask questions and receive assistance from trained representatives in real-time.
CASEMAKER MEDICAL: Casemaker-Medical links legal professionals to over 13 million documents located in the National Institute of Health’s online database. Using conceptual search technology, Casemaker-Medical has the ability to identify and retrieve information based on concepts and ideas. Casemaker-Medical is a subscription product available to members of the Utah State Bar. Please visit to learn more and to enroll in our free 30-day trial.
CASEMAKERX: One of Casemaker’s newest products, CasemakerX connects law students attending ABA-accredited law schools to attorney’s across the nation. Attorney’s using the CasemakerX product may post jobs related to internships, pro-bono case assistance, and/or first-year associates positions. Utah attorney’s may also search the CasemakerX database for students that fit their criteria. CasemakerX is a free product offering unlimited access. Access to CasemakerX is available at
Casemaker, in partnership with your Utah State Bar, is constantly working to improve its libraries, tools, and content in order to maintain Casemaker as the most valuable member benefit. Your input is important to the development and future of Casemaker. Casemaker 2.1 Beta is currently available on and you are encouraged to take it for a “test-drive”. You and your involvement are invaluable to the final version of 2.1. Let us know what you think! If you have any questions or want to receive your Casemaker login and password please email If you would like to learn more about Casemaker, download the latest Casemaker user guide and ‘cheat sheet’ or sign up for a free Casemaker training webinar please visit
We look forward to both hearing from you and to the future success of Casemaker 2.1.

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