Notice of Approved Amendments to Utah Court Rules

The Utah Supreme Court has approved amendments to the following court rules. The amendments are effective November 1, 2014.

Summary of proposed amendments 

Rules of Appellate Procedure

URAP 003. Appeal as of right: how taken. Amend. Provides that service of the notice of appeal shall be done in accordance with the service requirements of the court from which the appeal is taken.

URAP 008A. Motion for emergency relief. Renumber and amend. Renumbers rule 8A to rule 23C. Provides that a motion for emergency relief is not sufficient to invoke the court’s jurisdiction, and that a jurisdictional petition must be filed or no emergency relief will be granted.

URAP 011. The record on appeal. Amend. Eliminates the requirement that the appellant file a statement of the issues that will be presented on appeal and creates a process for the appellee to designate other proceedings to be transcribed, beyond those identified by the appellant.

URAP 029. Oral argument. Amend. Clarifies that a joint motion to cancel oral argument may be filed only upon the agreement of all parties.

Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

USB 14-0533. Diversion. Amend. Changes a term on the committee from three years to four years. Effective May 23, 2014 under CJA 11-105. Subject to change after the comment period.

The Utah Judicial Council has approved an amendment to the following court rule. The amendment is effective November 1, 2014.

Summary of proposed amendments 

Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 10-01-0602Orders to show cause. New. 6th District local rule which describes the process for requesting an order to show cause when a commissioner is unavailable.

How to view redline text of the amendments

To see approved rule amendments, click on this link to: Then click on the rule number.

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