Congratulations to Angelina Tsu who was elected to the office of President-elect.

Congratulations to Dickson Burton, Heather Farnsworth and Rob Rice who were elected in the the 3rd Division.

Congratulations to Herm Olsen who ran unopposed and will represent the 1st Division.

We particularly thank Steve Burton, Gabe White and DJ Williams for running for the 3rd Division this year.  We are fortunate to have had such healthy interest in becoming more involved in Bar leadership and appreciate all the time and effort that went into campaigning.  We hope all these candidates will provide help to the services and programs of the Bar in the future.

Office of President-Elect
commissioner_seiler_thomas commissioner_Tsu_Angelina
Tom Seiler’s Statement of Candidacy  Angelina Tsu’s Statement of Candidacy
1st Division Serving Box Elder, Cache, and Rich Counties
(This is an uncontested seat.)
Herm Olsen’s Statement of Candidacy
3rd Division Serving Tooele, Salt Lake, and Summit Counties ( Three Vacancies)
2014_3rdDiv_Election_Dickson_Burton 2014_3rdDiv_Election_Steve_Burton
H. Dickson Burton’s Statement of Candidacy Steven K Burton’s Statement of Candidacy
2014_3rdDiv_Election_Heather_Farnsworth Rob Rice, RQN attorney
Heather Farnsworth’s Statement of Candidacy Robert Rice’s Statement of Candidacy
2014_3rdDiv_Election_Gabriel_White  2014_3rdDiv_Election_DJ_Williams
Gabe White’s Statement of Candidacy  DJ Williams’s Statement of Candidacy

The Utah State Bar uses electronic balloting to complete the annual election process.  Our third party provider, ElectionsOnline, will send a ballot email to your preferred email address of record on April 1st.  Please check the Bar’s member portal website at to confirm the email information you have on file.  You may update your email address information by using your Utah State Bar login at  (If you do not have your login information please contact  Take a moment now and set any spam filtering technology on your email to allow email from

If you do not receive a ballot email, please take the following steps:

  • Check your spam filter for the ballot email.  If the email is not there,
  • go to and enter your preferred email address of record in the appropriate box.  If your email address is recognized, a new ballot will be sent.  If your email address is not recognized, please contact to confirm eligibility and receive a ballot email.

Upon request, the Bar will provide a traditional paper ballot by contacting Christy Abad at