Young Lawyers’ Commitment to the Community

Author; Christian W. Clinger, President – Young Lawyers Division
The Young Lawyers Division (“YLD”) of the Utah State Bar has had a very productive year in 2003. With its 12 committees, the YLD has given significant contributions to its membership as well as to the public. Here are some of the YLD’s highlights since July 2003.

YLD’s Leadership/Executive Committee: This past summer, the YLD’s 2,000 members had the opportunity to elect new officers. Christian W. Clinger, an associate attorney at Callister Nebeker & McCullough, was elected as the 2003-2004 YLD president. Robert B. Lamb, an associate attorney at Suitter Axland, was elected as Treasurer, and Jason P. Perry, the Deputy Director for the Utah Department of Commerce, was elected as Secretary. Candice Anderson Vogel, a partner at Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar, was elected as president-elect for the 2004-2005 term. Vicky Fitlow, a partner at Wrona & Fitlow, is the past-president of YLD.
and Justice for all Committee: (Wade Budge, committee chair / Debbie Griffiths, co-committee chair) The YLD partnered with the “and Justice for all” campaign to help raise operating funds for the Community Legal Center. The YLD sponsored phone-a-thons this past Summer and Fall as well as the annual “Bar Sharks for Justice” pool tournament this past November. Through these events, the YLD raised over $20,000.00 for “and Justice for all.” All proceeds went directly to “and Justice for all.”
Tuesday Night Bar Committee: (Jami Momberger, committee chair / David Hall, co-committee chair) The Utah State Bar and the YLD provide a free legal advice program in Salt Lake City known as “Tuesday Night Bar.” This is an evening where lawyers volunteer to meet one-on-one with individuals for 30 minutes at no cost. Approximately 1,500 individuals meet with attorneys each year. Over 75 young lawyers are directly involved with “Tuesday Night Bar.” The purpose of this program is to assist the public in determining their legal rights. The Tuesday Night Bar is held every Tuesday each month between 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. at the Utah Law & Justice Center, 645 South 200 East. Appointments for this program may be scheduled by calling 531-9077.
Community Service Committee: (Kelly Latimer, committee chair / Christina Micken, co-committee chair) The Community Service Committee has had a busy year. This past Summer and Fall, over 30 young lawyers landscaped and beautified the West Jordan Children’s Justice Center helping the facility be a welcoming place for children that have suffered abuse or neglect. In December, the Community Service Committee organized with the Division of Youth Services an evening of playing games and decorating holiday cookies and gingerbread houses with children under the supervision of the Division of Youth Services who have been removed from their homes but not yet placed with a foster family.
Needs of the Children Committee: (Patrick Tan, committee chair / Marianne Guelker, co-committee chair) This past year, the Needs of the Children Committee helped update a brochure to help recognize and prevent child abuse. This pamphlet is being distributed to the public and those working with children. The Needs of the Children Committee has also created a public education project teaching students, ages 14 to 18, about careers in the legal profession.
Public Education Committee: (Sonia Sweeney, committee chair / Paul Farr, co-committee chair) The Public Education Committee is planning several impressive projects for 2004. These projects include teaching students the importance of tolerance and avoiding conflicts and disputes; recruiting judges, attorneys, and the public for the annual Mock Trial Competition in conjunction with Law Day; and finally, coordinating efforts to teach students about the historic 50th Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education.
Law Day Committee: (Kelly Williams, committee chair / Michael Young, co-committee chair) The Law Day Committee is already planning next year’s Law Day celebrating the 50th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education. The committee is organizing an awards dinner with a nationally recognized keynote speaker. More information will be published in the near future, but mark your calendars now for May 7, 2004 for this exciting Law Day event.
Utah State Bar Conventions Committee: (Sammi Anderson, committee chair / Doug Larson, co-committee chair) The YLD sponsors and organizes New Lawyer CLE courses at the Bar’s annual and mid-year meetings. These classes provide valuable training to new lawyers in teaching the fundamental principles of various areas of law. Additionally, the YLD is planning the carnival for the annual Bar convention in Sun Valley.
CLE Committee: (Amy Hayes, committee chair / Kevin Jones, co-committee chair) The CLE committee is planning a series of CLE luncheons for 2004. These one hour courses will focus on the “nuts and bolts” of different subjects of law. Watch for more information on these great seminars.
YLD Bar Journal Committee: (Jeff Colemere, committee chair / Gary Guelker co-committee chair) The YLD Bar Journal Committee solicits articles from young lawyers to publish in the Utah Bar Journal. If you have an article idea or would be interested in writing on a particular topic, contact Jeff Colemere or Gary Guelker.
Professionalism Committee: (David Bernstein, committee chair) The Professionalism Committee is working on implementing the Utah Supreme Court’s report on professionalism with young lawyers. Through the committee’s work, it will help teach the importance of professionalism and improve working relations between attorneys.
Membership Committee: (Kim Neville, committee chair) The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing participation amongst the 2,000 young lawyers within the Bar as well as within the YLD. Every attorney under the age of 36 or within their first three years of practice if over the age of 36 is automatically a member of the YLD. There are no annual dues or membership fees. If you would like to be involved with the YLD or serve on a committee, please contact Christian Clinger at (801) 530-7412 or Kim Neville at (801) 257-1846 or visit the YLD web page at
The YLD is committed to serving both the profession and the community at large. The YLD thanks the Bar as well as the many law firms that have supported the YLD in 2003. We look forward to a productive and promising year in 2004!

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