Pro Bono Honor Roll

Pro Bono Honor Roll
Fred Anderson – Guadalupe Clinic
Andres Alacon – Family Law Clinic
Lauren Barros – Family Law Clinic
Joseph Beane – Divorce Case
Nelda Bishop – Custody Case
Matt Boley – Housing Case
Sasha Brown – Family Law Clinic
Bryan Bryner – Guadalupe Clinic
Heather Carter-Jenkins – Housing Case
Danielle Dallas – Guadalupe Clinic
Annie Deprey – Divorce Case
Sandy Dolowitz – Domestic Manual

Randal Gaither – Custody Case
Marji Hanson – Bankruptcy Case
Kass Harstad – Guadalupe Clinic
April Hollingsworth – Guadalupe Clinic
Jeffery Howe – Divorce Case
Dixie Jackson – Family Law Clinic
Anthony Kaye – Federal Court Case
Louise Knauer – Family Law Clinic
Steven Kuhnhausen – Divorce Case
Michael Langford – Guadalupe Clinic
Michael Loveridge – Probate Case
Brandon Mark – Federal Court Case
Leilani Marshall – Guadalupe Clinic
Stacy McNeill – Guadalupe Clinic
Aimee Nelson-Larios – Protective Order Calendar
Todd Olsen – Family Law Clinic
Rachel Otto – Guadalupe Clinic
Stewart Ralphs – Family Law Clinic
Darren Reid – Stalking Injunction Case
Brent Salazar – Hall – Family Law Clinic
Lauren Scholnick – Guadalupe Clinic
Roy Schank – Bankruptcy Case
Nicole Skolout – Wage Claim Case
Linda F. Smith – Family Law Clinic
Kathryn Steffey – Guadalupe Clinic
Charles Stewart – Family Law Clinic
Steve Stewart – Guadalupe Clinic
Virginia Sudbury – Family Law Clinic
James Taylor – Guadalupe Clinic
Wade Taylor – Adoption Case
Pam Thompson – Family Law Clinic
Paul Tsosie – Custody Case
Melanie Vartabedian – Custody Case
Murry Warhank – Guadalupe Clinic
Tracey Watson – Family Law Clinic
Amanda Williams – Family Law Clinic
Utah Legal Services and the Utah State Bar wish to thank these volunteers for taking a case or helping at a clinic. Call Brenda Teig at (801) 924-3376 to volunteer.

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