Mentors Needed for the New Lawyer Training Program

Mentors Needed for the New Lawyer Training Program
Join the best and the brightest group of Utah lawyers and become a mentor for a new attorney through the New Lawyer Training Program (NLTP)
What is Required:
1. Submit the mentor volunteer form
2. Approval by the Utah Supreme Court Committe on Professionalism
3. Meet with your new lawyer a minimum of two a month.
The rewards that come from mentoring are priceless, but as an added bonus you will receive 12 hours of CLE credit for your work.

Mentor Qualifications
1. Seven years of practice
2. No past or pending formal discipline proceeding of any type or nature by a court or a state bar.
3. Malpractice insurance in an amount of at least $100,000/$300,000 if in private practice
Why Become a Mentor
• Increases productivity for the individual and the organization
• Improves client relations and client attraction
• Reduces the likelihood of new lawyers leaving the organization
• Boosts morale
• Assists in attracting better talent to the organization
• Enhances work and career satisfaction
• Clarifies professional identity
• Increases advancement rates
• Promotes greater recognition and visibility
• Encourages career opportunities within the organization and visibility
For more information on how you can become a mentor go to:

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