Pro Bono Honor Roll

Pro Bono Honor Roll
Eric Barnes
Lauren Barros
David Berceau
Jim Brady
David Broadbent
May Pat Cashman
Kenyon Dove
Brent Hall
C. Richard Henriksen
Roger Hoole
Kyle Hoskins
Louise Knauer
Michelle Lesue
Suzanne Marelius
Blaine McBride
Sam Meziani
Michael Mohrman
Grant Nagamatsu
Robert Neeley
Stewart Ralphs
Cecilia Romero
Jim Slemboski
Travis Terry
James Mitch Vilos
Greg Wall
Orson West Jr
Mary Jane Whisenant
Jeanine Williams
Robert Wing
Carolyn Zeuthen
Utah Legal Services and the Utah State Bar wish to thank these attorneys for either accepting a pro bono case or volunteering at clinic during the months of June and July. Call Brenda Teig at (801) 924-3376 to volunteer.

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