President’s Message: Fall Forum Awards


I am pleased to announce the recognition of the following people for outstanding service to the community and the profession. Awards will be presented at the Fall Forum.



    • Professionalism Award, given to a lawyer or judge whose actions and deportment represent the highest standards of courtesy, fairness and civility: William S. Britt.
    • Community Member of the Year Award, to recognize outstanding service toward the creation of a better public understanding of the legal profession and the administration of justice, the judiciary or the legislative process: Robert Austin, Education Specialist at Utah State Office of Education.
    • Outstanding Mentor Award, presented to an inside mentor from the January and July 2012 New Lawyer Training program: Brent H. Bartholomew.
  • Outstanding Mentor Award, presented to an outside mentor from the January and July 2012 New Lawyer Training program: Hugh Cawthorne.

The Bar is working on a communications campaign to position “real” Utah lawyers—and the personalized counsel they provide clients—against the anonymous forms and, often misdirected, advice from online sources. Please write to with examples of wacky legal strategies, easily avoided problems that took time to fix, and other issues with online service providers that you have experienced.

I was surprised to learn that a large number of lawyers had missed the deadline to comply with the Utah Supreme Court’s MCLE filing this last month. I am sure that most may have entrusted that administrative duty to their staff or just failed to notice it on their calendar. I know that the MCLE Board tries to do their best to remind everyone of their bi-annual reporting requirement and also know that lawyers are busy. Unfortunately, there is a late fee and a suspension. So I just want to remind everyone to calendar July 1st of their reporting year and save themselves the expense of filing late and the trouble of becoming administratively suspended by the Court.

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