Utah State Bar Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee

Opinion No. 00-04
(Approved June 2, 2000
Issue: What are lawyer’s ethical duties to a third person who claims an interest in proceeds of a personal injury settlement or award received by the lawyer?

Opinion: When a lawyer receives funds or property and knows a third person claims an interest in the funds or property, the lawyer must first determine whether the third person has a sufficient interest to trigger the duties stated in Rule 1.15(b). Only a matured legal or equitable claim – such as a valid assignment, a judgment lien, or a statutory lien – constitutes an interest within the meaning of Rule 1.15 so as to trigger duties to third persons under Rule 1.15. If no such interest exists, the lawyer must comply with the duties stated in Rule 1.15.
Opinion No. 00-07
(Approved June 2, 2000)
Issue: Do the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit a lawyer licensed to practice in Utah from participating in an association of lawyers that would use joint letterhead, with a disclaimer that the association “is an affiliation of independent attorneys – not a partnership?”
Opinion: A lawyer does not violate the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct if he participates in an association or affiliation of individual lawyers and law firms, provided that he adheres to the applicable rules regarding conflicts of interest and disclosure of confidential information. However, it would be misleading, and therefore a violation of the Rules, for the lawyer to participate in such an association or affiliation if its members were to practice under a common firm name and were to use joint letterhead. The inclusion of a partnership disclaimer would not cure the misleading nature of the letterhead concerning the relationship among the attorneys..

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