Utah Minority Bar Association First 50 Event

Utah Minority Bar Association First 50 Event
The Utah Minority Bar Association is proud to announce that it will host a gala dinner and program on October 15, 2005 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City to honor the first fifty lawyers of color to practice law in the State of Utah (the “First 50”). This will take the place of the annual UMBA scholarship banquet. The First 50 honorees hailed from, and practiced in, many communities throughout Utah. To make this event a proper tribute to the First 50, we ask your assistance in several areas:
1. Mark your calendars and save the date to attend. UMBA has negotiated special rates at the Grand and/or Little America for lodging. The event takes place the same weekend as BYU and U of U homecoming weekend and can be attended in conjunction with homecoming activities.
2. The Utah State Bar and the American Bar Association are helping to sponsor the event. However, many sponsorship opportunities are still available. There are many levels of sponsor donations to fit the budgets of the largest or smallest of law firms, legal agencies/offices, legal departments, bar sections and associations, law schools and alumni groups, individual donors, etc. Ticket prices and donations will not only help fund the First 50 event, but will subsidize future scholarships to minority law students as well as other UMBA programs such as recruiting and mentoring minority lawyers in the state of Utah.
3. Following is the preliminary list of the First 50 honorees. UMBA’s research committee has scoured historical records, bar and school records, and interviewed numerous people to compile this list. If anyone was left off the list, it was not intended. Please assist us by providing us the name(s) of anyone you believe we may have omitted and any relevant information, if you have it (e.g., approximate time period of practice, date of law school graduation, or current contact information). Likewise, if you have any stories or information regarding any of the honorees listed, please send it to us in the form of a brief description. We are compiling short biographies on each of the honorees. We also welcome any pictures (we will attempt to return pictures sent to us but would prefer you scan them and send us a copy electronically).
4. For ticket prices, sponsorship opportunities, venue/lodging details, information on any of the First 50 honorees, or if you want us to send you or your business/organization information, please call, fax or e-mail Sean Reyes at sreyes@parsonsbehle.com 801-536-6663 (direct line) 801-536-6111 (fax) or Cheryl Mori at Moric@sec.gov 801-524-3141 (direct line). Your attendance and participation will help us celebrate the contributions of these individuals who were/are pioneers in the legal field, minority communities, and Utah at large.

For further information, please see the website at:
No. Name, Race, Admitted
1 David H. Oliver* , African Amer. , 9/8/31
2 Yoshio Katayama*, Asian, 4/16/46
3 Mas Yano*, Asian, 1/10/49
4 Jimi Mitsunaga, Asian , 11/3/58
5 Robert Mukai*, Asian , 11/3/58
6 Raymond Uno, Asian, 11/5/59
7 Henry Adams, African Amer. , 11/5/59
8 Toshio Harunaga, Asian, 11/5/59
9 Kenneth M. Hisatake*, Asian, 6/5/61
10 Kent T. Yano, Asian, 9/27/68
11 Glenn K. Iwasaki, Asian, 4/20/71
12 M. Kent Christopherson, Native Amer. , 5/10/73
13 Thomas G. Nelford, Native Amer., 5/10/73
14 Larry J. Echohawk, Native Amer., 10/19/73
15 Stephen I. Oda, Asian, 10/19/73
16 Eunice Chen, Asian, 10/19/73
17 Steven Lee Payton, African Amer., 4/2/74
18 Melvin H. Martinez, Hispanic , 9/29/75
19 Armand R. Ibanez, Hispanic , 9/29/75
20 Mary Ellen Sloan, Native Amer. , 9/29/75
21 Michael N. Martinez, Hispanic, 4/28/76
22 Kevin J. Kurumada, Asian, 9/20/76
23 Herbert Yazzie, Native Amer., 9/20/76
24 Frank Nakamura, Asian, 9/20/76
25 Antonio R. Durando, Hispanic, 10/28/76
26 Howard H. Maetani, Asian, 1/21/77
27 Frank A. Roybal, Hispanic, 2/7/77
28 Andrew A. Valdez, Hispanic, 9/20/77
29 James A. Valdez, Hispanic, 9/20/77
30 William A. Thorne, Jr., Native Amer., 9/20/77
31 Douglas Matsumori, Asian, 9/20/77
32 Luke H. Ong, Asian, 9/20/77
33 Felipe E. Rivera, Hispanic, 4/18/78
34 Gilbert A. Martinez, Hispanic, 9/20/78
35 Tyrone Medley, African Amer., 9/20/78
36 Raymond T. Swenson, Asian, 10/6/78
37 Conrad T. Ayala, Hispanic, 11/6/78
38 Anthony J. Ayala, Hispanic, 4/26/79
39 Solomon J. Chacon, Hispanic, 4/26/79
40 Paul Gotay, Hispanic, 4/26/79
41 Tim Allen, African Amer., 9/26/79
42 Heny K. Chai II*, Asian, 9/26/79
43 Denise M. Mercherson, African Amer., 9/26/79
44 Rodwick Ybarra, Hispanic, 9/26/79
45 Roger A. Flores, Hispanic, 4/30/80
46 Irshad A. Aadil, Asian, 6/13/80
47 Robert M. Archuleta, Hispanic, 6/23/80
48 Samuel Alba, Hispanic , 10/8/80
49 Paul F. Iwasaki, Asian, 10/9/80
50 Warren S. Inouye, Asian, 10/9/80
51 Frances M. Palacios, Hispanic , 10/9/80
52 Malashi Mukerji, Asian, 10/9/80
53 Oliver K. Myers, Pac. Islander, 10/9/80
54 Jimmy Gurule, Hispanic, 12/19/80
*Indicates deceased

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