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Tips on Finding an Attorney

Locating an attorney who can help with your matter may not be easy as there are over 10000 attorneys in Utah. There are some steps that you can take to help you narrow down the search.

Talk with Family, Friends,  Neighbors, and Coworkers For Personal Referrals

Contact others that you know who have experienced the same type of matter that you are dealing with.  Ask them who their attorneys were and what they think of them. If you talk to half a dozen people that you know who have had similar legal problems, you should come away with several good referrals.

Keep in mind that opinions and experiences vary, and that you’re the people you spoke with may have had different responses on how their attorney managed a case.  In the end, you will be making the decision to hire the attorney and so you should meet with potential attorneys, go over your case, and the decide if  you feel comfortable working with that attorney.

Online Services

If you have several attorneys to look through it may be worth the time to try and review their history online. There are many online rating services that look at attorney profiles and you may get a better understanding of the attorney’s strengths through the use of these services.  If they have a website or participate in social networks, review what they say and how they present themselves.

Find a ‘Business’ Attorney Through Business Referrals

If your matter deals with issues relating to business, contracts, real estate, or financial matters you may want to speak with your banker, accountant, insurance agent, or real estate agent. They meet or work with attorneys that focus their practice in these matters and may be able to help you with a referral.

Interviewing An Attorney

When meeting with an attorney pay attention to how you feel about working with them.  No matter how well-recommended an attorney is, if you feel uncomfortable with the attorney during the first meeting it may be difficult to continue on. Time is valuable to both of you. Knowing you can work with an attorney will help speed you through your matter.

Ask the attorneys how they communicate with their clients. Are there specific times or preferred methods that should be used?  Also, ask the attorney how quickly they will be able to respond to a question.  You want an attorney who will respond within a reasonable amount of time and follow through promptly on all task related to the matter.

When meeting with potential attorneys make sure that you review how they are paid and how they will submit their bills for payment. There are a variety of payment options available and your attorney will be willing to review which ones they are willing to apply to your matter.


  • Utah Bar Master Directory: The Utah State Bar maintains a directory of attorneys both past and present. It, along with other directories, can be found online at This directory will provide you the license status of the attorney.