The Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee is made up of active members of the bar.  The Committee Chair and a member of the judiciary are appointed by the President of the Bar.  The remaining voting members are appointed by a selection committee comprised of the Bar President, a Bar Commissioner, and the Committee Chair.For a complete list of the members of the Committee, click here.

  • The rules governing the Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee, including the Safe Harbor rule, can be found here.
  • The rules of procedure followed by the Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee, including how to request an Ethics Advisory Opinion, can be found here.

UTAH ATTORNEYS NOTE: Access to the Index of Ethics Opinions is provided as a courtesy to the public. Utah attorneys and members of the Paralegal Division interested in researching ethics opinions are encouraged to take advantage of their Casemaker legal research accounts as the opinions are cross indexed with rules and case law where cited. Not all rules have been used for EAOC opinions. Rules that have no reference in an opinion will not be linked.

Rule 2 -Counselor

  • 2.1. Advisor
  • 2.2. REPEALED
  • 2.3. Evaluation for use by third persons
  • 2.4. Lawyer Serving as Third-Party Neutral

Rule 3 – Advocate

Rule 6 – Public Service

Rule 8 – Maintaining the Integrity of the Profession

Ethics Opinions Published Before Adoption of RPC