The window for online license renewal for Active, Inactive, Current status attorneys is customarily open annually beginning the first or second week in June and runs through August 31st. A late fee will be assessed if fees are not paid by August 1st. Suspension and a reinstatement Fee will apply if fees are not paid prior to Sept 1st.

If you need to renew or make a change to your license status at any time other than this window please contact

An email outlining renewal instructions will be sent the last week of May to the email address of record. Renewal may be completed online at

If you have forgotten your login information you can fill out the online request form at the bottom of this page. Login information will then be sent to your email address of record. You may also contact Online Services at 801-297-7023 / to obtain your login information.

Additional Licensing Information:

License Renewal and Late / Reinstatement Fees:

  • Active Status – $425 + Client Security Fund **
  • Active Under 3 – $250 + Client Security Fund **
  • Current Status – $425 (House Counsel and Foreign Legal Consultant Licenses only)
  • Inactive Full Service – $150
  • Inactive No Service – $105
  • Late Payment Fee – Attorneys submitting licensing payment after July 31, will be assessed a $100 late fee.
  • Reinstatement Fee – Attorneys submitting licensing payment after August 31, will be assessed a $200 reinstatement fee.

** The Client Security Fund assessment can vary from year to year but will not exceed $20.

Payment Options

Credit Card:

The online system accepts payment by Visa or Mastercard. Payment by credit card will automatically advance the license to the next year and you will receive an email confirming your renewal is complete.


If you wish to pay by check, you must first complete the online renewal process. You will then be required to:

  1. Select the Pay By Check Option in the payment area and click the SUBMIT button
  2. Print a copy of your invoice, attach a check, and mail it to:

Utah State Bar
Attn: Licensing Department
645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Check payment by Organizations For Multiple Attorneys:

For organizations wishing to submit a single check payment to cover all attorneys in that organization the following steps must be followed:

  1. Each attorney in the organization must complete the online invoice form, select the “pay by check” option, click SUBMIT  and print the invoice form evidencing completion of the online process;
  2. The firm administrator/designated person collects the invoices from each attorney and submits them along with a single check to the Licensing Department at the Utah State Bar.

Mandatory Licensing Information:

In addition to the address and fee requirements, the license form contains requirements that MUST be completed to have your license form considered completed.

Email Address Is Now Required – As part of the license information at least one email address must be provided. Attorneys will have the option of setting the email address to be ‘private’ which will remove the address from the online public attorney directory. The Utah State Bar will not sell nor share this address with any third party.

IOLTA Reporting – Reporting of Attorney IOLTA Status and Accounts is now a requirement for licensure as directed by the Utah Supreme Court. The Utah Bar Foundation has been appointed by the Utah Supreme Court to administer this program. UCJA Ch. 24 – IOLTA Program Rules

Attorney Licensing, Online Services, and IOLTA Support

For questions related to license renewals, policies and fees, please contact the Licensing Department at  (801) 297-7021 or via email at

For questions related to the online license system, please contact Online Support via email sent to

For questions related to IOLTA, please contact Kim Paulding with the Utah Bar Foundation at (801) 297-7046 or via email at

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