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We invite Utah attorneys to participate in the new Modest Means Lawyer Referral Program offered by the Utah State Bar. This program will provide you with referrals from an area of the public that greatly needs the assistance of attorneys. These individuals cannot afford full-priced legal assistance and they do not qualify for free (pro bono) legal services. They, however, would seek representation if offered at a reduced-price. The Utah Courts are currently seeing an explosion of these types of litigants who must represent themselves pro se. This program is designed to bridge the gap and provide paying clients to attorneys who want to supplement their clientele, but are willing to charge lower fees to qualifying clients. We invite you to take advantage of this program!

Benefits of Participation:

  1. Free client referrals (made on a rotational basis to the attorneys on the Panel).
  2. Access to mentors.
  3. Free CLE programs on subject relevant to the cases covered by the program.
  4. Prospective clients screened by bar staff as to (1) financial qualification (2) legal needs, and (3) area of the state.
  5. As long as the attorney carries malpractice insurance and maintains competency in the areas of law in which the attorney accepts cases, the attorney does not need to be actively engaged in the practice of law on a full time basis.

Attorneys Agree to:

  1. Meet with clients and determine whether representation will occur.
  2. Carry malpractice insurance.
  3. Otherwise abide by the program rules.
  4. Accept cases under a set of “not to exceed” hourly rates and similar limits on fixed fees services.
Income LevelHourly RateFlat Fee
For prospective clients with an income between 125% and 200% of poverty levelUp to $50.00 per hourUp to 35% of normal rates charged by this attorney for the same service
For prospective clients with an income between 200% and 300% of the poverty levelUp to $75.00 per hourUp to 50% of normal rates charged by this attorney for the same service

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Miscellaneous Facts

  1. The program will focus on those types of cases most commonly encountered by persons of modest means, such as family law, landlord tenant, creditor/debtor and criminal law. Other areas will be offered as available.
  2. Prospective clients who meet the financial eligibility levels will be provided the name and contact information for an attorney on the Modest Means Panel who has agreed to accept those types of cases in the pertinent locale. The prospective client will be charged a $25 fee for the referral, which the bar will use to cover its administrative costs.
  3. Attorneys are not obligated to accept referred cases after the initial consultation and likewise the client is not required to retain the referred attorney. If the attorney and the client choose to work together, then they will enter a written letter of representation to which the Utah State Bar will not be a party.
  4. Incomes are based on: Gross household income, including earned and unearned income. Child support and alimony payments are the only expenses that may be deducted from gross income to determine eligibility. Liquid assets on a client’s application may be looked at to determine the ability to pay restitution or other applicable fees related to their case and court orders when necessary.