Q: How can I get a copy of the hours I have taken.

A: You may request a transcript online

Q: I received a copy of my transcript, but it is incorrect. How can I make sure the missing hours are added?

A: If the program has been pre-approved the sponsor will submit your information within 60 days following the event. You may contact the sponsor to make sure they submit your hours. Please note that our records are a starting point; it is your responsibility to keep track of your hours.

Q: How do I get credit for a CLE I have taken outside of Utah?

A: Attorneys may apply for credit by submitting an individual application. Applications are located on the MCLE Forms page

Q: I was a speaker at an approved CLE conference can I get Credit?

A: Attorneys may receive self-study credit by submitting a Form 7.

Q: How many hours are required for my reporting year?

A: see Rule 14-404.

Q: I am still missing the professionalism and civility credit what can I do?

A: You may find a list of CLE opportunities on the CLE Events Calendar, Section Luncheon Calendar, or the MCLE Master Calendar. You may also take online CLE through the Bar web site (you may take a maximum of 12 hours self-study.)

Q: I submitted an application for approval and still haven’t heard back

A: The approval process takes 4-6 weeks, you will receive a notice of decision within that time. If it has been over six weeks feel free to call: 801-297-7034, and we will find out what the delay is.

Q: As a sponsor how do I get my program approved?

A: Sponsors may submit an application Form 3 to apply for credit.

Q: Does Utah allow extra hours to carry over to the next reporting period?

A: Utah does not allow carry over. All hours must be completed within the two year cycle.