Notice of Proposed Amendments to Utah Court Rules

The Utah Supreme Court and the Utah Judicial Council invite comments to the following proposed amendments to court rules. The comment period expires January 13, 2016.

Summary of Proposed Amendments

Code of Judicial Administration

CJA 03-0114. Judicial outreach. Amend. Reorders the intent language. Provides that model outreach programs shall take into account existing curricula. Requires the committee to propose and implement rather than develop policies that encourage judicial participation in outreach programs.
CJA 04-0503. Mandatory electronic filing. Amend. Requires an attorney seeking an exemption from efiling to submit a written request to the District Court Administrator.

Rules of Appellate Procedure

URAP 028A. Appellate Mediation Office. Amend. Outlines different processes for mediation in the supreme court and the court of appeals. Provides that the denial of a mediation request does not prevent parties from engaging in private mediation or settlement negotiations. Makes technical changes.

Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

USB 14-0515. Access to disciplinary information. Amend. Allows access to disciplinary records without the waiver of the respondent is limited circumstances. Requires that those with access maintain the confidentiality of the records. Effective November 25, 2015 under Rule 11-105. Subject to change after the comment period.

How to View Redline Text of the Proposed Amendments

To see proposed rule amendments and submit comments, click on this link to:, then click on the rule number.

How to Submit Comments

You can comment and view the comments of others by clicking on the “comments” link associated with each body of rules. It is most efficient to submit comments through the website. After clicking on the comment link, you will be asked for your name, which is required, and your email address which need not be your real address. The comment website is public. Although all comments will be considered, they will not be acknowledged with a response.

After submitting your comment on the webpage, you may get an error message, but your comment has been delivered to a buffer, and I will publish it as soon as possible.

Please submit comments directly through the website or to me at the address listed below.

One method of submitting a comment is sufficient. If you email a comment, please list the relevant rule in the message line and include your comment in the message text, not in an attachment.

Notice of Approved Amendments to Utah Court Rules

The Utah Supreme Court has approved amendments to the following court rule. The amendments are effective November 25, 2015.

Summary of Approved Amendments 

Rules Governing the Utah State Bar

USB 14-0515. Access to disciplinary information. Amend. Allows access to disciplinary records without the waiver of the respondent in limited circumstances. Requires that those with access maintain the confidentiality of the records. Effective November 25, 2015 under Rule 11-105. Subject to change after the comment period.

How to View Redline Text of the Amendments

To see approved rule amendments, click on the rule number above, or click on this link to: Then click on the rule number.

Utah State Bar Secures National Expert of the Neuroscience of Decision-making for Annual Convention

A national expert on the neuroscience of decision-making—Kimberly Papillon—is coming to Salt Lake City to address the Utah State Bar at its annual Fall convention at the Grand America Hotel, November 19-20.  Bar President Angelina Tsu says, “With current events ranging from police brutality to gender-based pay disparity to the recent tragedy in Paris, we are looking forward to hearing Papillon speak about the importance of sound decision making.  Our hope is that, armed with this awareness, we can help influence our collective future by guiding our society with principles of equality and fairness rather than ones of fear and hate.  What we learn from Papillon will help Utah lawyers remain on the forefront of positive change, and the public is invited to join us on this journey.”

People tend to prefer members of their own social or racial group to those outside it.  Kimberly Papillon says that implicit tests have shown that U.S. judges rank within 1 percent of the general public in bias against African-Americans.  “That’s a problem and at the same time it’s an opportunity,” says Papillon.  “Implicit association tells us that we have something to override,” she notes. “One thing the scientists tell us repeatedly is that there is no awareness cure. There’s no such thing as, ‘I’m going to try harder not to be biased.’  We can override on some occasions, on many occasions, but eventually we become tired or busy and our brain defaults to our implicit associations.”  Papillon has served as regular faculty at the National Judicial College since 2005.

Brain imaging and decision-making studies can explain how we determine intelligence, veracity, threat, and competence.   Papillon’s work explores not only how unconscious association  affects judges’ decisions, but also its impact on how district attorneys decide whether to press charges against someone, how public defenders determine whether to push for plea agreements for particular clients, and how jury members will react to certain defendants.

To attend Papillon’s presentation on Thursday, November 19, 12:00 to 3:00 p.m., please e-mail or call 801-297-7036.  Cost is $75 including lunch.

Additional experts speaking at the convention include trial specialist Roger Dodd who is a partner in Park City and Jacksonville (Florida) firms.  Dodd will lead multiple sessions on Cross Examination.  In early 2014, he obtained a $37 million verdict in Utah Federal Court in a commercial Plaintiff case as part of a trial team.  “Never follow Mr. Dodd to the podium. He is a most dynamic speaker” said Justice Barbara Pariente of the Florida Supreme Court.   Dodd is co-author of Cross-Examination:  Science and Techniques.

Joe Patrice of will talk about social media’s impact on the practice of law.  Patrice is an editor of the online publication Above the Law with a resume that includes practicing at two law firms and writing for Balloon-Juice, Jezebel, and Deadspin.

Fall Forum Co-chair Gabriel White reports that, “There will be an additional 19 sessions to help lawyers with their required continuing legal education, from Openings & Closings to Mind-Body Health:  The Effects of Attitudes, Emotions, and Relationships.”

Fall Forum Co-chair Amy Fowler noted that, “The vision of the Utah State Bar is a just legal system that is understood, valued, and accessible to all.  At the Fall Forum, the Bar will recognize people who are helping to achieve that goal.”  The Disaster Legal Response Committee will be recognized as Committee of the Year, Anne Burkholder of the YWCA Utah as Community Member of the Year, Tara Isaacson of Bugden & Isaacson for Professionalism, McKette Allred of Mc Kette Hinkins Allred for Pro Bono Attorney of the Year, and Mark Tolman of Jones Waldo and Scott Hansen of Select Portfolio Servicing for being Outstanding Mentors. See details at

eBulletin for November 2015


Double your pleasure at the new two-day Fall Forum in Salt Lake City, Thursday & Friday, November 19 & 20.  CLE registration.  Hotel reservations.

Share a registration; pay $350 and each attend one day.  Contact Connie at 801-297-7033 or

Congratulations to Fall Forum award winners Tara Isaacson, McKette Allred, Mark Tolman, Scott Hansen, Anne Burkholder, and the Disaster Legal Response Committee.  Awards will be presented this Thursday and Friday morning.  Details.

If you have time constraints, just come for lunch:  Kimberly Papillon’s Neuroscience of Decision-Making in the Practice of Law on Thursday, 12:15 to 3:15 p.m.; $75.  Lunch sign-up.

On Thursday evening, enjoy the 2015 UMBA Scholarship & Awards Banquet at the Grand America; cocktails at 6:00 p.m. and dinner at 7:00 p.m.  Participate.

On Friday, attend the Meet the Judges Reception in the Federal Courthouse lobby; open bar from 5-6:45 p.m.

Attorneys:  Included with the Fall Forum or register just for the reception ($25).

Judges:  No charge; please R.S.V.P to Connie at 801-297-7033 or

More great CLE; including section luncheons and CLE seminars; don’t miss:

Pretrial Practices, November 24, 4-6:00 p.m.; 2 credits; $50 ($25 for YLD); snacks and drinks; at the Bar; register.

See some winter sun at the Southern Utah Bar Association 13th Annual All-Day CLE on December 4; 7 credits and 2 ethics (pending); breakfast and lunch provided; $140 for SUBA, $175 for others; details.  Register with your name and bar number to

Refresh your winter tan at the Spring Convention in St. George, March 10-12.

Add some surf to your sun at the Summer Convention in San Diego, July 6-9 at Loews Coronado Bay; reservations.  Follow us on Facebook.

Altruistic opportunities:

Kudos to Smith Hartvigsen, Justice Himonas, Rori Hendrix, and others who were honored by the U’s Pro Bono Initiative; details and to Chuck Carlston and Eva Brady who received awards from the Fourth District Court Pro Bono Committee; details.

Volunteers needed!  Debtor’s Clinic; free brief-legal-advice clinic for bankruptcy and debt collection; second Tuesday each month, 5-7:00 p.m. at the Horizonte School; probono@utahbar.orgModest Means Lawyer Referral program; qualified participants pay up to $75 an hour; register.  Sign up to take Pro Bono cases sourced by judges and partner agencies; register.

Please support the Annual Firm Campaign for “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.”  Donate.

And support “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” by shopping at and Smith’s; you just shop and they make small donations!  Link your Amazon account and/or Smith’s Reward Card to AJFA.

Take advantage of your Bar Benefits:

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Court Warns Public of Email Scam

Salt Lake City, Utah—The Utah State Courts is warning the public of an email scam circulating nationwide that notifies individuals of a need to appear in court for a case that does not exist.

The scam email indicates that the individual must appear in court and directs the recipient to an email attachment or link for information about the hearing. The email attachment or link contains a virus that when opened infects the user’s computer.

The court urges individuals who have a question about a notice to appear in court to call the court directly. Phone numbers are available on the court’s website at or by calling (801) 578-3800. Emails forwarded to the court to determine legitimacy will be blocked due to the virus.

#     #     #

Utah Supreme Court Travels to BYU Law School


October 28, 2015

Contact: Nancy Volmer
(801) 578-3994
Cell: (801) 712-4545



The Utah Supreme Court periodically holds court sessions in other locations to provide an opportunity to enhance public understanding of the court’s work and to give law students with an opportunity to see the Supreme Court in session.

Cases to be heard are as follows: (A summary of the cases is attached.)
10:00 a.m.-Anderson v. Fautin, case no. 20140664-SC
10:45 a.m.-Nichols v. Jacobsen, case no. 20140866-SC


Wednesday, November 4, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. to approx. 12:00 p.m.

WHERE:       J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University


Utah Supreme Court Justices: Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant, Associate Chief Justice Thomas R. Lee, Justice Christine M. Durham and Justice Deno Himonas will sit on the first case. For the second case, Justice Himonas has recused himself and 4th District Court Judge Christine Johnson will sit in his place.

One pool still photographer and one pool video camera will be permitted into the court session. To request to be the pool photographer, contact Nancy Volmer at (801) 578-3994 by Nov. 3.

#    #    #

Court Visitor Program Seeks Volunteers


October 27, 2015

Contact: Nancy Volmer
(801) 578-3994
Cell: (801) 712-4545


Salt Lake City, UT—The Administrative Office of the Courts is seeking volunteers for its Court Visitor Program. Volunteer court visitors are appointed by a District Court judge to make inquiries into and observe incapacitated adults and report back to the court. The feedback helps the court make a decision about the appointment of a guardian for an incapacitated adult, who may lack the capacity to make or communicate decisions.
The volunteer court visitor report not only helps to ensure the needs of the incapacitated adult are met, but that their property is protected and being used for their benefit and that court orders are being followed.

The Court Visitor Program is recruiting volunteers to act as interviewers, auditors, researchers, trackers and teachers. A volunteer interviewer is responsible for interviewing protected persons and others. The interviewer also observes how the person is being cared for at his or her place of residence. A volunteer auditor reviews financial reports filed by a guardian and reports problems or concerns. A volunteer tracker locates guardians with whom the court has lost contact, while a volunteer teacher trains other court visitors.

A volunteer training is scheduled Nov.16 through 20 at the Scott M. Matheson Courthouse, 450 South State. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and are subject to a background check and must pass an in-person interview before being accepted into the program. Information about the Court Visitor Program, including a volunteer application form, is available on the court’s website at or by calling (801) 578-3925.

#    #    #

Utah Supreme Court Travels to U of U Law School to Hear Oral Arguments


September 30, 2015

Contact: Nancy Volmer
(801) 578-3994
Cell: (801) 712-4545


WHAT:        The Utah Supreme Court periodically holds court sessions in other locations to provide an opportunity to enhance public understanding of the court’s work and to provide law students with an opportunity to see the Supreme Court in session. Cases to be heard are as follows:

-10 a.m.-SLC Corp. v. Evans Development, case no. 20130741-SC
-10:45 a.m.-State v. Robertson, case no. 2014-268-SC
(Case summaries are attached.)

WHEN:        Monday, October 5 at 10 a.m. to approx. 12:00 p.m.

WHERE:      S.J. Quinney College of Law, Moot Courtroom, 6th floor, University of Utah.

WHO:          Utah Supreme Court Justices: Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant, Associate Chief Justice Thomas R. Lee, Justice Christine M. Durham, Justice Deno Himonas.

One pool still photographer and one pool video camera will be permitted into the court session. To request to be the pool photographer, contact the Public Information Office Nancy Volmer at (801) 578-3994 by October 2.

#    #    #

e.Bulletin for October 2015


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Constitution Day Teach-In!

Please nominate a deserving attorney for one of the 2015 Fall Forum Awards.  These awards have a long history of honoring those whose work, public service, and personal dedication has significantly enhanced the administration of justice, the delivery of legal services, and the profession.  Submit award nominations to Christy Abad, 645 South 200 East, Suite 310, Salt Lake City, UT 84111 or by Friday, October 9.  Past award recipients and award descriptions.

  • Distinguished Community Member Award
  • Professionalism Award
  • Pro Bono Service Award

Join us for the Fall Forum In Salt Lake City, Thursday and Friday, November 19 and 20, Grand America Hotel.  Online registration and schedule.

Please attend the Utah Minority Bar Association’s 2015 Scholarship & Awards Banquet at the Fall Forum on Thursday, November 19th, at the Grand America Hotel.  The keynote speaker is Cynthia Mares, immediate past president of the Hispanic National Bar Association.  UMBA will have a silent auction, present awards for local attorneys and firms and scholarships to Utah law students.  Cocktail hour will begin at 6:00 p.m.; dinner and the program will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Request tables or tickets now via or purchase them when registering for the Fall Forum.  Please consider sponsoring or donating to student scholarships.  The awards recognize firms, attorneys, and judges who promote diversity, especially within the legal community, and demonstrate commitment to underserved populations.  Please send nominations to by October 16.

  • Pete Suazo Community Service Award
  • Jimi Mitsunaga Excellence in Criminal Law Award
  • UMBA Honoree of the Year
  • UMBA Distinguished Lawyer of the Year
  • UMBA Law Firm of the Year

Mark your calendars for the Spring Convention in StGeorge, March 10-12.

For the Summer Convention in San Diego, July 6-9, the Bar secured deeply-discounted rates at Loews Coronado Bay:  marina-view rooms that normally go for $379 with a $25 daily resort fee are available to Bar members for $239 with no fee from July 3-12.  Online reservations.  Select “Make a Reservation” in the blue box in upper right corner.  Select your dates and number of guests, and before you select “Check Availability,” select “Special Rates” (in orange on left), then in the drop-down list select “Group Rates,” and then enter the code ANN727.  Or call 800-815-6397 and mention the code.  Follow us on Facebook and watch for upcoming updates on convention details.

National Pro Bono Celebration is October 25-31.  Utah lawyers excel at pro bono work; please join us for these local celebrations:

  • October 13, noon to 1:00:  Oakridge Country Club 2nd District Pro Bono Lunch & CLE (Unbundling and Ethics with Virginia Sudbury), 1492 Shepard LN, Farmington, UT 84025; no registration needed.
  • October 20, noon to 1:00:  Sixth District Lunch & CLE (Pro Se Ethics/Pro Bono), Richfield Courthouse, 895 E 300 N, Richfield, UT 84701; no registration needed.
  • October 26, noon to 1:30:  Third District Awards Luncheon, U of U Law School.
  • October 27:
    • Fourth District Pro Bono Awards Dinner and Legal Clinic, Dinner is from 5:30-7:00 p.m., in the Ballroom at the Historic County Courthouse, 51 South University Avenue, Provo, Utah; no registration needed.  Clinic is from 7-9:00 p.m., and attorneys are encouraged to volunteer after the dinner; Health and Justice Building, 151 South University Avenue Provo, UT 84601.
    • (more…)

Judicial Council Awards Presented


Contact: Nancy Volmer
September 29, 2015                                                                                       (801) 578-3994
Cell: (801) 712-4545


Salt Lake City, Utah—The Utah Judicial Council honored 14 individuals and two groups on Sept. 24 during the Utah Judicial Conference Annual Awards luncheon at the Park City Marriott. The awards program recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Judicial Branch of government.

Following is the title of the award followed by the award recipient and a description of the award:

Amicus Curiae-Ron Gordon, executive director, Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice. Awarded to an individual who is not an employee of the court, or an elected office holder, who has made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of Utah’s judicial system.

Quality of Justice-Judge Andrea W. Lockwood, Ogden Justice Court. Awarded to an individual for performance of judicial and quasi-judicial responsibilities with outstanding dedication to the highest quality of justice. Includes outstanding activities off the bench as well as on the bench by a judge in a court not of record.

Service to the Courts-(two group awards were presented in this category). Former Third District Nominating Commission: Deirdre Straight, chair, Jill Brown, Jim Gowans, Andrea Martinez Griffin, David Hall, Peter Stirba and Peggy Stone.

The second group award was presented to Charles A. Stormont, J.D. Lyons and the Debt Collection Calendar Pro Bono Volunteers.

Awarded to an individual not employed by the courts who has made an outstanding contribution to the judicial system through efforts as a volunteer, or through work on committees, teams, or specialized court projects.

Judicial Administration-Corrie L. Keller, trial court executive, First District Court.
Awarded to an employee of the Judicial Branch with administrative responsibilities for significant contributions to the improvement of the administration of the courts.

Meritorious Service-(11 individual awards were presented in this category).
David Cooley, judicial assistant, First District Court; Spencer Wyatt Cottle, deputy probation officer supervisor, Fourth District Court; Le Davis, judicial case manager, Fourth District Juvenile Court; Jane Hall, probation officer III, Eighth District Court; Wendy Jones, accounting manager, Third District Court; Ellen Petersen, case manager, Third District Juvenile Court; Julie Rigby, judicial team manager, Third District Court; Kapiolani Smith, judicial case manager, Third District Court; Libby Wadley, online training program specialist, Administrative Office of the Courts; and Mary Westby, central staff attorney, Utah Court of Appeals.
Awarded to an employee of the Judicial Branch for exemplary performance on the job and significant contribution to the overall effective operation of the courts.

#    #    #

Free Classes for Guardians and Caregivers Available


September 14, 2015

Contact: Nancy Volmer
(801) 578-3994
Cell: (801) 712-4545


Salt Lake, UT—The Utah Court Visitor Program is offering free classes for guardians and caregivers from September 16 through November 17. The Court Visitor Program enlists the help of volunteers who act as observers to assist guardians, protected persons and others. The volunteers provide information to assist the court in cases involving protected persons.

A class to address alternatives to guardianship is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 16 from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Taylorsville Senior Center, 4743 South Plymouth View Drive. On Friday, Oct. 16 from 10 to 11 a.m., a class on the process and procedures to take in order to obtain guardianship is scheduled at the Draper Senior Center, 1148 E. Pioneer Road. Then on Tuesday, Nov. 17 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. a class is scheduled at the Liberty Senior Center, 251 East 700 South, and will focus on community resources available for guardians and caregivers.

The classes are held in conjunction with the Salt Lake County Aging and Adult Services and WINGS (Working Interdisciplinary Network of Guardianship Stakeholders). For more information about the free classes, contact Karolina Abuzyarova at (801) 578-3925 or Information about the Court Visitor Program is available at

#    #    #

e.Bulletin for September 2015



If your schedule has had a late opening, please consider teaching a Constitution Day class Thursday (32 classes open) or Friday (7 classes open) in Salt Lake, Utah, Washington, or Weber county.  If this week doesn’t work for you, write to with the county, days, times, and number of classes you can teach (they are usually under an hour) through mid-October, and he’ll find a teacher who can move his or her class to match your schedule.  Lesson plans are provided and there is a coaching video which includes an hour of CLE credit.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Summer Convention in Sun Valley and to co-chairs Judges Dee Benson and Paul Warner.  Salt Lake and Ketchum media covered Justice Kennedy’s keynote.  I hope you can join us for upcoming conventions to take advantage of these learning and networking experiences:

  • FALL FORUM IN SALT LAKE CITY, Thursday and Friday, November 19 and 20, Grand America Hotel, Online registration.
  • SUMMER CONVENTION IN SAN DIEGO, July 6-9.  Perched on its own 15-acre peninsula, Loews Coronado Bay is a private oasis of tranquility with views of the shimmering bay waters and the San Diego skyline.  You’re a 10 minute walk to the beach (or you can be whisked there and back in the hotel’s golf carts), 15-20 minutes from downtown, 20-25 minutes from the world-renown San Diego Zoo (set aside the whole day), and 25 minutes to Sea World.  The hotel offers private gondola cruises, sailing packages, and it’s a gateway to area attractions.  Mark your calendar!

The Report and Recommendations on the Future of Legal Services in Utah has been released by the Futures Commission of the Utah State Bar.  William Hubbard, immediate past president of the ABA, said “The report is excellent.  It is a call to action, and more.  It offers specific recommendations for implementation and identifies issues for further analysis, all of which are dead on.  Our challenge has been to get lawyers to wake up.  We can change, adapt, and lead to a better way of delivering legal services to more people.  But we have to open our minds.  The real change will come from states like Utah.”

The National Association of Women Judges is holding its annual conference October 7-11 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.  Hundreds of local, national, and international judges will attend the conference and registration is open to all.  The conference, With Liberty and Justice for All, will cover some of the critical issues facing our community and the nation right now, including:

  • How courts can address the school to prison pipeline;
  • Human trafficking issues;
  • Immigration Issues facing the state and federal courts;
  • The impact of media and especially social media on the administration of justice;
  • The uneasy intersection between law and medicine; and
  • LGBT Rights and Religious Liberties.

Women Lawyers of Utah is co-sponsoring the conference with NAWJ on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th, and all members of our legal community are invited to register.  If you or your firm is interested in sponsorship opportunities for the conference, please contact Margaret McGann or Pat Christensen.  WLU is also looking for volunteers to help with the conference (and a great opportunity to network with judges from around the country); send your name, e-mail address, cell phone number, availability, volunteer preferences, and foreign languages spoken to Judge Lund at

Need for Grand Jury to be Determined


August 31, 2015

Contact: Nancy Volmer

(801) 578-3994
Cell: (801) 712-4545


Silver Summit, UT—A panel of judges is scheduled to meet on Oct. 8, 2015, to hear testimony to determine if reasonable cause exists to call a grand jury. The meeting will take place at the Silver Summit Courthouse, 6300 Justice Center Road, Summit County.

Those wanting to testify before the panel of judges should contact District Court Administrator Debra Moore at (801) 578-3800 by Sept. 28, 2015, to schedule an appointment. If no appointments are scheduled by Sept. 28, the meeting will be canceled without further notice.

Individuals testifying must be prepared to give evidence to support claims that justify calling a grand jury. Controversies between individual parties will not be considered. Individuals who need special accommodations during the hearing must notify the court at least three business days prior to the hearing.

Utah’s Grand Jury Statute requires a panel of judges selected from throughout the state to hold hearings in each judicial district every three years. The purpose of the hearings is to determine if a grand jury needs to be summoned based on evidence of criminal activity. The Grand Jury Panel is comprised of the following judges: Supervising Judge Terry L. Christiansen, senior judge; Judge Lynn W. Davis, 4th District Court; Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills, 3rd District Court; Judge Eric A. Ludlow, 5th District Court; and Judge W. Brent West, 2nd District Court.

The Attorney General, a county attorney, district attorney, or special prosecutor appointed under U.C.A. section 77-10a-1 can also present evidence of criminal activity. The panel of judges will hear, in secret, all persons claiming information that justifies calling a grand jury. All individuals appearing before the panel of judges will be placed under oath. If a grand jury is summoned, the jurors will be called from the state-at-large or any judicial district within the state. Additional information is available at

#    #    #

Brower Named as Clearfield Justice Court Judge


August 6, 2015

Contact: Nancy Volmer
(801) 578-3994
Cell: (801) 712-4545


Clearfield, UT—The Davis County Nominating Commission has announced the appointment of Brian Edward Brower to the Clearfield Justice Court. He will replace Judge John L. Sandberg who retired June 30, 2015.

Brower has practiced law for 15 years in the 2nd and 3rd judicial districts where he has represented three cities and one county. In addition to being a member of the Utah State Bar, Brower is admitted to practice law for the U.S. District Court-District of Utah. Brower graduated from the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law with a Juris Doctorate degree in 1999 and a bachelor’s degree from Weber State University in 1996.

Brower’s appointment to the bench is subject to completion of the court’s new judge orientation and certification by the Utah Judicial Council.

Judge Skanchy Named Presiding Judge for 3rd District Court


July 30, 2015

Contact: Nancy Volmer
(801) 578-3994
Cell:(801) 712-4545


Salt Lake, UT—District Court Judge Randall Skanchy has been named presiding judge for the Third Judicial District for a two-year term. Judge Skanchy replaces Judge Royal Hansen who completed his term in July. Judge Ryan Harris has been named associate presiding judge.

The presiding judges are responsible for the effective operation of their courts. According to court Rule 3-104, presiding judges are responsible for implementation and enforcement of statutes, rules, policies and directives of the Utah Judicial Council as they pertain to the administration of the courts. The presiding judge is responsible for assigning cases and judges.
Presiding judges and associate presiding judges are elected by a majority vote of the judges of their court. When the presiding judge is unavailable, the associate presiding judge assumes his or her responsibilities.

#    #    #