Estate Planning: A Practice Management Primer

by Matthew L. Mitton
Invest in Yourself
I made a presentation last year to the Young Lawyers Division on practice management tips for new estate planning attorneys. I decided to tailor the presentation around practice management issues rather than to attempt to present a comprehensive primer on estate planning.
I mentioned to this group of new lawyers that the most rewarding thing I do as an estate planning attorney is meet with people with diverse, interesting and challenging needs and objectives. Like many of my colleagues, I am privileged to meet fascinating people who are happy to engage my services. I can’t think of a better way to practice law. I spend most of my days in consultations with clients that range from two to three hours. Why bring this up? I believe it’s critical to understand early in your practice what your strengths and weaknesses are before you find yourself in a state of torment. I know attorneys who don’t enjoy spending hour after hour in consultations with clients; they would rather spend hours in front of the computer drafting estate planning provisions or researching complex tax matters. If you are a technician, find a practice area where those talents and strengths are needed, and where appropriate, find colleagues that can add other dimensions to your practice where you lack. (more…)

Wills for Heroes: Protecting Those Who Protect Us

by R. Blake Hamilton
I recently attended the S.J. Quinney College of Law Career Fair on behalf of my firm, Stirba & Associates. While I was there, a first-year law student approached me and asked a surprising question. She, like many others in her class, was looking for opportunities to clerk after her first year of law school. Yet when I asked her if she had any questions about my firm, the first question she asked was: “What type of pro bono work does your firm do?” I responded that all attorneys at my firm are encouraged to find opportunities to contribute to the community by providing pro bono legal work. I then proceeded to tell her about one such opportunity that I have had the privilege of participating in. (more…)

Young Lawyers Division

The Green Utah Pledge
by Jon Clyde, Kelly J. Latimer, and Kallie A. Smith
One million two hundred thousand! This is the number of sheets of paper used by Clyde Snow on a yearly basis. This equates to 100,000 sheets of paper each month or 25,000 sheets each week. Lawyers tend to print out everything and rationalize the excessive printing in various ways: “it is just too hard to read double-sided copies” or because “it is easier to edit that way.” Without a doubt, the practice of law is one of the more paper-intensive professions. However, a large number of firms do not purchase recycled paper or recycle used paper. Instead, this paper finds its way to the landfill. (more…)

DUI Law in a Flash

by Philip Wormdahl
Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series summarizing CLE presentations given as part of the YLD’s “Practice in a Flash” program.
More than 15,000 DUI arrests were made in Utah during 2010. Roughly two-thirds of those arrests were first-time offenders. With so many citizens facing DUI charges, most lawyers should expect that someone they know will need representation for DUI. Because of the volume of arrests, being able to competently handle a DUI case is a critical skill for attorneys working in criminal defense and a huge asset to attorneys looking to develop and grow their clientele. This article is meant to give a basic overview of the “typical” DUI case by exploring some of the most common procedures, hearings, and issues. (more…)

Practice in a Flash: Helping Lawyers Hang a Shingle

by Gabriel White
Practice in a Flash is designed to support lawyers moving into solo or small firm practice because of economic circumstances that block traditional avenues of legal employment. It is an electronic platform that will provide new lawyers with basic practice forms, entry level CLE, and other helpful information on how to start and manage a law firm. Once the electronic program is released in the spring of 2012, it will give new lawyers advice on topics such as how to rent and open an office, hire staff, and market themselves to public. Adapted from a similar program in Texas, Practice in a Flash will give young attorneys important resources that can bridge the gap between a law school education and advice from colleagues and mentors. (more…)

Young Lawyer Division Celebrates Pro Bono Opportunities

As the Utah State Bar prepares for the upcoming American Bar Association’s (“ABA”) National Pro Bono Celebration October 25-31, 2009,1 I would like to highlight a few of the pro bono and service opportunities offered by the Young Lawyers Division (“YLD”). If you would like to get involved in these or other YLD activities, please visit or contact Michelle Allred at

Tuesday Night Bar
Since October of 1988, the YLD has coupled with the Utah State Bar to provide a free legal advice program to help members of the community to determine their legal rights on a variety of issues. Each year, approximately 1100 individuals meet with a volunteer attorney for a brief one-on-one consultation at no cost. Tuesday Night Bar is held the first four Tuesdays of each month between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the Utah Law & Justice Center, 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake. Volunteers are also needed for a Spanish-language clinic held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Sorenson Multicultural Center, 855 West 1300 South, Salt Lake, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (more…)

Thank You to the 2008 – 2009 Young Lawyer Division Executive Council

by Michelle Allred
The Utah State Bar Young Lawyers Division (“YLD”) would like to thank the following attorneys and paralegal liaisons for their tremendous service as volunteer leaders on the YLD Executive
Council during the 2008-2009 bar year. Because of their willingness to devote their time and energy, the YLD offered significant contributions to the Bar and to members of the public through a variety of programs, services, and events.
If you are interested in volunteering with the YLD in the future, please contact Michelle Allred, 2009-2010 YLD President, at For more information about the
YLD, please visit

2008-2009 Officers
President: Karthik Nadesan (Nadesan Beck PC) (more…)

Wills for Heroes – Providing Valuable Community Service to First Responders

Wills for Heroes – Providing Valuable Community Service to First Responders
The St. George Wills for Heroes Event
On March 14, 2008, members of the Utah State Bar donated their time and talents to create wills and other estate planning documents for police officers, firefighters, and other first responders in the St. George area through a new pro bono program instituted by the Young Lawyers Division and the Wills for Heroes Foundation®.

Using laptop computers and software on loan from Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP, and LexisNexis, as well as document templates created by estate planning attorneys Deacon Haymond of Jones, Waldo, Holbrook & McDonough and Mark J. Morrise of Callister Nebeker & McCullough, attorneys met one-on-one with first responders and their spouses or domestic partners at the St. George Police Station to prepare free basic wills, health care directives, and financial power of attorney documents. Members of the Paralegal Division were also on hand to notarize and witness documents completing the process. Over forty participants left with finalized estate planning documents. (more…)

Young Lawyer’s Division Update

Young Lawyer’s Division Update
by Stephanie Pugsley, Utah YLD President, 2007-2008
The Utah Young Lawyer’s Division has rolled out a sleek new website, and is now offering several new services for its members and the public. The “On Demand Mentor” video presentations, accessed via the website, offer experienced Utah practitioners’ insights on various legal and professional topics. Each ten-minute tutorial provides a concise overview of a selected topic from the presenter’s area of expertise. The new website also links to a YLD Blog that posts current events, upcoming activities, job openings, service projects, and young lawyer achievements. In addition, YLD members, as well as Utah and BYU law students, will receive a concise bi-monthly YLD E-Newsletter designed to keep readers up to date on the latest happenings within the YLD and the Bar. (more…)

The Young Lawyer Division in 2007

The Young Lawyer Division in 2007
by David R. Hall
The Young Lawyers Division of the Utah State Bar (the “YLD”) is looking forward to another outstanding year in 2007. With a leadership body made up of five officers, eleven committees, and six liaisons, the YLD continues to make significant contributions to the Bar and the public. The following is a brief overview of the YLD as well as a look at what is planned for the coming year.

Who is a member of the YLD? You may be a member of the YLD and not even know it. There is no need to sign-up or pay dues to be member of YLD. All members of the Utah State Bar in good standing under 36 years of age as well as members who have been admitted to their first state bar for less than three years, regardless of age, are automatically members of the YLD. Membership terminates automatically at the adjournment of the annual convention of the Utah State Bar following a member’s thirty-sixth birthday or the third anniversary of a member’s first state bar admission. (more…)

2005 Year in Review – Looking Ahead to 2006

2005 Year in Review – Looking Ahead to 2006
2005 was an outstanding year for the Young Lawyers Division of the Utah State Bar (“YLD”). With several committees staffed by capable volunteers, the YLD continues to offer significant contributions to the Bar and the public. Here are some of the 2005 highlights from the YLD committees as well as a look at what is coming up in 2006.

YLD’s Leadership/Executive: More than 2,000 YLD members had the opportunity to elect new officers this past summer. Debra Griffiths Handley of Dart Adamson & Donovan was elected as the 2005-2006 YLD president. Sean Reyes of Parsons Behle & Latimer, is Treasurer, and Ruth Hawe of Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy is Secretary. David Hall of Parsons Behle & Latimer, is the President-Elect for 2006-2007, and Candice Anderson Vogel of Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar, is the Past-President of YLD. (more…)

Patrick Tan: The Co-recipient of the 2002-2003 Young Lawyer of the Year Award

Author; Teresa Welch
The Young Lawyer of the Year is awarded annually by the Young Lawyer’s Division of the Utah State Bar. One of the most recent recipients of this distinguished award is Patrick Tan, a colleague and friend of mine at the Salt Lake Legal Defenders Association. It is my honor to introduce Patrick Tan to you, and to enlighten you to the various reasons why Patrick is wholly deserving of the 2002-2003 Young Lawyer of the Year award.

Patrick’s choice to be an attorney stems from personal and emotional experiences. Patrick grew up speaking English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, and although he is fluent in all of these languages, Patrick has witnessed the struggles of family members and friends who are not as well versed in the English language. Specifically, Patrick remembers an incident in which a couple of close family members found themselves in a legal quagmire because they had signed what they thought was a guest book, only to find out that their signatures committed them to a steep financial obligation. The misunderstanding was eventually cleared up, but the impact of it on Patrick was the beginning of a new focus in life for him. From this experience, Patrick realized that not only is our legal system very complicated, but it is twice as complicated if English is one’s second language. He decided at that point that he wanted to spend his life in a career in which he could help out the “underdogs” in life. (more…)

Young Lawyers’ Commitment to the Community

Author; Christian W. Clinger, President – Young Lawyers Division
The Young Lawyers Division (“YLD”) of the Utah State Bar has had a very productive year in 2003. With its 12 committees, the YLD has given significant contributions to its membership as well as to the public. Here are some of the YLD’s highlights since July 2003.

YLD’s Leadership/Executive Committee: This past summer, the YLD’s 2,000 members had the opportunity to elect new officers. Christian W. Clinger, an associate attorney at Callister Nebeker & McCullough, was elected as the 2003-2004 YLD president. Robert B. Lamb, an associate attorney at Suitter Axland, was elected as Treasurer, and Jason P. Perry, the Deputy Director for the Utah Department of Commerce, was elected as Secretary. Candice Anderson Vogel, a partner at Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar, was elected as president-elect for the 2004-2005 term. Vicky Fitlow, a partner at Wrona & Fitlow, is the past-president of YLD. (more…)

The Young Lawyers’ Division Prepares for 2002-2003

The Young Lawyers Division (YLD) of the Utah State Bar is gearing up for another year of service to its members and service to the public.
Executive Committee. The executive committee of the YLD has worked hard over the summer, making appointments to chair and co-chair the YLD’s various committees, and preparing the handbooks, budgets, directories, and other materials necessary to make the YLD run smoothly. Your officers for 2002-2003 are: Vicky Fitlow, President; Debra Griffiths, Treasurer; Amy Dolce, Secretary; Christian Clinger, President-Elect; Nathan Alder, Past President.

And Justice for All. The YLD has been involved with helping the And Justice for All campaign since its very first year. This year, the YLD has created its own committee to support And Justice for All. Over the summer, Candice Vogel and Wade Budge have worked with And Justice for All and The Dead Goat Saloon to organize a fundraiser pool tournament. Sixteen teams of two will compete in the first annual “Bar Sharks for Justice” in October, with the overall winners receiving a traveling trophy. Many local organizations have donated prizes, which will be given away to the teams competing. All proceeds will go to And Justice for All. If you are interested in competing, please contact Candice or Wade. (more…)