Ethics Advisory Opinion 14-02

Utah State Bar
Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee 

Opinion Number 14-02 

Issued January 14, 2014


1.         Is an Agreement between a non-lawyer Marketer and a Law Firm where the Marketer conducts telephone marketing to solicit and refer clients to Law Firm in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct where the payment to the Marketer matches a percentage of the fees paid to the Law Firm by the clients referred to the Law Firm by the Marketer?

2.         If the Agreement is in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct must the Attorney retained by Marketer to enforce the Agreement inform the appropriate professional authority pursuant to Rule 8.3(a)?

Ethics Advisory Opinion No. 98-12

(Approved December 4, 1998)
When a lawyer becomes aware that another lawyer has illegally used or possessed controlled substances, under what circumstances must the first lawyer report such conduct to the Utah State Bar?

Opinion: A lawyer is required to report to the Utah State Bar any unlawful possession or use of controlled substances by another lawyer if two conditions are satisfied: (1) the lawyer has actual knowledge of the illegal use or possession, and (2) the lawyer has a reasonable, good-faith belief that the illegal use or possession raises a substantial question as to the offending lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects. A lawyer is excused from this reporting requirement only if (i) the lawyer learns of such use or possession through a bona fide attorney-client relationship with the offending lawyer, or (ii) the lawyer becomes aware of the unlawful use or possession through providing services to the offending lawyer under the auspices of the Lawyers Helping Lawyers program of the Bar. (more…)